• Employee Engagement
    that works!

    Through an intuitive and flexible software platform,
    YouEarnedIt offers a better approach to employee
    recognition, and employee rewards that
    people actually like.
  • What’s the secret sauce in a happy, engaged team?

    Let’s just say it’s not about what you get, it’s about what you give. Redeem all that well-deserved recognition for rewards that have meaning. Give back to important non-profits in your community or help a team member in need. Or, have fun and get top-branded eGift cards and fun products all delivered through the software. Whatever is meaningful to your team, YouEarnedIt makes it happen.
  • A simple, fun, flexible software platform.

    Employee recognition and engagement has never been so easy. With real-time recognition, rewards that have meaning, and a software that harnesses the power of genuine feedback, a connected team, and a better way to reward your people, what could be better?


YouEarnedit at Work!

YouEarnedIt at work! It's about real time employee recognition. With employee rewards that are cool and custom. And people metrics that matter. Plus you can use your Youearnedit employee reward points to give back to charities like DonorsChoose, Habitat for Humanity, and Charity Choice!

YouEarnedIt - Real-time Employee Recognition YouEarnedIt - Cool & Custom Employee Rewards YouEarnedIt - People Metrics That Matter YouEarnedIt - Use your points to give back to cool causes like DonorsChoose, Habitat For Humanity, and more...