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Autumn Manning Co-founder & CEO

Autumn Manning is one of the happiest CEO’s in the world. She spends her days surrounded by a smart team and combines her background in behavioral psychology, human capital management, and building corporate culture to create the world’s best employee engagement software.


Kenny Tomlin Co-founder & Executive Chairman

Kenny Tomlin is an entrepreneur and investor based in Austin, TX. Kenny serves as Founder & CEO of Rockfish and co-founder and Executive Chairman of YouEarnedIt and subVRsive.


Kevin Dasch Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Dasch is a versatile technology entrepreneur with proven leadership experience in strategy, business development, marketing, and finance. How do we know you can quantify happiness at work? Because Kevin has a spreadsheet for it.


C.K. Sample III Chief Product Officer

As Chief Product Officer, C.K. helps our energized team refine and grow the YouEarnedIt platform. C.K.’s main goal in life is to build excellent software products, but when he’s not working, C.K. is oversharing as many details of his life as possible as @cksample on Twitter.



Jon Driscoll Chief Revenue Officer

Jon Driscoll brings over two decades of strategic sales and client services experience to the Chief Revenue Officer role at YouEarnedIt. Between streamlining sales and offering a unique take on customer success, you could say he’s passionate about helping people “get” YouEarnedIt in every way possible.


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