Enterprise leaders are continuing to bang the employee engagement drum, and for good reason. It’s true that engagement levels have risen from 2013 to 2014, but the number of people not engaged or actively disengaged make up the majority, causing a drain on company performance and profits.*

A truly engaged workplace has to happen organically from the inside-out, and companies that have professional development plans, enhanced cultural initiatives, and employee-centric engagement software solutions are reaping the benefits of a productive and motivated workplace, i.e. proven ROI benefits like jumps in performance and drops in turnover.

For many, the biggest challenge to implementing a new employee engagement platform is simply finding the time. Your time. Business stakeholder time. Developers and IT time. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

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Today we share an example of how easy it was to integrate YouEarnedIt’s employee engagement software for a 1,500 employee advertising agency, Team Detroit. In close collaboration with Team Detroit, YouEarnedIt’s Client Success Team supported an automated user management integration with Team Detroit’s Human Resource Management System (HRIS), implemented a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for a streamlined login process, and provided custom marketing collateral, training, and communication guides to successfully onboard 1,500 employees in just three weeks. Check out this video they produced showing off how they connect their global offices with a little help from YouEarnedIt.

Working with the YEI implementation team was a great experience. They kept tasks organized for proper integration into our user systems and gave us a strategy for deploying this with employees, leaders, and internal support teams.

Chris Jimenez, Manager of Business Intelligence, Team Detroit

Download the full case study via the big red button above to see how you can quickly start boosting employee engagement for your enterprise.

*Gallup’s, “State of the American Workplace”

Darby Dupre
Darby Dupre