Are you ready to experiment with an easy way to boost employee engagement?

If yes, put on your human resources professor lab coat and explore something with us.

Imagine your company embraces the idea of work-life balance. It offers you flexibility around telecommuting and gives you all the tools needed to get your work done – anywhere, anytime. You’re trusted with unlimited PTO. Wellness programs are in place to encourage you to stay healthy. What’s more, your boss does not email you while you are on vacation. In essence, your company understands that a dynamic and productive workforce is made of people with different work styles and personal needs. It knows that in exchange for arming employees with opportunities to balance work and life, employees will reciprocate with loyalty, focus, and engagement. Quid pro quo yo!

So far, so good?

Now, imagine your company takes it one step further and thoughtfully offers one more employee perk. A perk that will serve as a true recruiting and employee retention differentiator for the company. A perk that gives employees more free time to enjoy life outside of work.

The perk relates to a study we’re conducting with the Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia. Our hypothesis is that time-saving employee rewards like lawn-mowing, errand running, and delivery services lead to greater levels of job satisfaction. If recognized for hard work with perks that offer more free time, employees will return to work rested, refreshed, and ready to crush it.

Ready to explore some time-saving reward ideas? Wait…let’s first take a look at some painful government statistics that explain why it’s so hard for employees to fully balance their lives.

Time Spent on Household Activities

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend on average 49 hours per week at work and commuting; 54 hours sleeping; and up to 15 hours per week on household activities like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Add caring for others to the mix and there’s not much time (or energy) left to balance. Oh yeah, in case you didn’t already know, our female friends carry almost double the load!

Now that you understand the concept, let’s take off the lab coat and try out some new employee reward ideas that lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Today we present our list of 30 time-saving employee rewards designed to help you not only recognize employees for their contributions, but also give them their weekends back.

30 Employee Rewards to take Back Your Weekend
Example take back the weekend employee rewards include:

  • Food Delivery via UberEATS
  • Lawn Mowing and Leaf Raking Service Through Task Rabbit
  • Favor for delivery of whatever you need like cupcakes for your kid’s birthday party
  • Amazon Prime Gift Card for Home Essential Shopping and Delivery
  • Nicely Noted stationary subscription service that includes stamps!
  • One hour grocery delivery through Instacart

For the complete list, download our 30 Time-Saving Employee Rewards to Take Back the Weekend

Tim Ryan