If you’re the Liz Lemon of your workplace, you want it all—increased employee engagement, a fun office space, happy coworkers, delicious bento boxes served fresh daily, invigorating team outings from coast to coast, a solvent company that won’t go broke subsidizing these things. Oftentimes, it seems like it’s like that old work adage: good, fast, and cheap. Pick any two.

But here’s the good news. You don’t have to compromise. You don’t have to pick any two. You really can have it all, corporate Liz Lemon.


And as you show your employees exactly how much they mean to you, productivity increases, overall turnover decreases, and corporate culture becomes more salient. Because most employees don’t care about expensive things so much as fulfilling experiences, you can achieve everything without selling the farm—or chic downtown office space, in this case. All of this combines to yield immense savings for you and huge benefits for them.

So the question is why haven’t you started an employee reward program yet? And if you already have, why haven’t you done more to “have it all” on the job?

To get you well on your way to high-fiving a million angel employees in your office, YouEarnedIt compiled 40 rocking low-to-no-cost employee reward ideas from our customers’ top rewards, spanning from personal health and wellness incentives to professional development and mentorship—and everything in between. Download the entire list here. Here’s a sampling you can offer up right away:

  • Do you even lift, bro?: Rack up bonus reward points as you collect personal bests. Participate in an individual wellness activity with 10 or more minutes of strenuous activity and reap the physical, mental, emotional, and YouEarnedIt-induced behavioral bonus reward points.
  • Freaky Friday: Always wanted to know what goes on behind closed office doors? Shadow anyone for a day with this reward! Crunch some numbers! Count some beans! Sell high! Sell low! Be the CEO! Tag along with the employee of your choosing. No Lindsay Lohan required.
  • Love Your Mother: Go green with a free month of curbside recycling, and keep your house and your environment a little cleaner.


And if you still want to offer pre-selected rewards, we’ve got you covered, too. YouEarnedIt offers thousands of products, gift cards, and donation rewards. Because we offer them at or below MSRP, your employees can get meaningful recognition and an enviable reward point exchange rate. Learn more by requesting a demo!

And now to the chocolatey good stuff at the center of the recognition tootsie pop:


John Schmidt
John Schmidt