By now the leftovers may be getting thin, but the memory of all that turkey and stuffing may linger. Considering most of us sit far too long during the day, how do you work on being healthy while also putting in a full day at work? Step one: Look for your corporate wellness program for guidance (and if you don’t have a wellness program, ask for one!). Step two: Make a daily commitment to move more. Step three: See which of these ideas fits you best!

Corporate Wellness programs aren’t just designed to help you get in shape. They are designed to improve overall wellness of employees. Often they are incentivized, with rewards for taking a certain number of steps in a week or getting annual checkups. You can learn more about wellness programs in our guide to HR Tech, created with the help of Virgin Pulse, a leader in company wellness programs.

YouEarnedIt and Virgin Pulse Field Guide to HR Technology and Employee Engagement

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The bottom line is: Wellness benefits the employee and company. Fewer sick days, more productive employees, what’s not to like? Implementing one is easier than ever. But once you have one, what are some wellness tips that everyone should try? We pulled some examples from our own catalog here at YouEarnedIt to show how our team stays healthier, together.

Walk to Lunch

At five points this may not be a big deal, but if you walk to lunch every day for a month we’re talking 150 points! Also, walking gets you outside in the sunshine, is often done with a coworker, and burns a few of the calories you’ll consume at lunch. This promotes connectedness and wellness!

Get Your Teeth Cleaned

A lot of health issues can start in the mouth, and healthy teeth and gums are linked to overall wellness. While not everyone likes going to the dentist, a small reward of 250 points is enough to nudge anyone to get that cleaning they’ve been putting off. Plus, the office has the benefit of seeing your beautiful smile more often!

Get a Flu Shot

Sick days are a drag not just for employees but for everyone — family and co-workers included. While it’s impossible to avoid ever getting sick, it’s possible to reduce the likelihood with a flu shot each year. Since nobody likes getting stuck with a needle, this reward is 500 points. Do it for yourself and for those around you who are also avoiding the flu each year!

Annual Eye Exam

Even if you don’t currently wear glasses it’s not a bad idea to get an eye exam as you age. If you do currently need “optical assistance” it’s a great idea to keep an eye on your prescription, as outdated glasses can cause headaches and won’t make you any more efficient with reading that computer screen all day.

Group Stair Climb

This is the most fun because you earn more points the more people who participate. Walking down the stairs to the first floor then up to floor 18 may only earn you and up to 10 participants 25 points, but getting 31 or more people earns everyone a whopping 300 points! As you can see, the incentive to make this a group project allows social interaction and promotes wellness for as many as possible.


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Victor Agreda
Victor Agreda