Are you looking for creative employee retention strategies?

You’re not alone. With unemployment near record lows, companies are competing fiercely for skilled employees. Employee retention strategies should be top of mind for every company looking to keep their top talent — if they aren’t already.

Winning the war for talent starts with retaining your top performers.

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Employee retention strategies pay you back. Not only do you keep top talent, but keeping your existing employees happy will help with recruitment. Gallup has found that 71% of workers say that they use referrals from current employees of an organization to learn about job opportunities.

So, how do you keep your top talent? We’ve identified 5 proven employee retention strategies that work for companies of all sizes across a variety of industries. And now, we’re bringing them to you.

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Join YouEarnedIt for a 45-minute webinar covering 5 tried-and-true ways to boost retention in today’s workplace, pulled from the latest industry research and our firsthand experience helping hundreds of organizations.

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  1. The proven factors that influence employees’ decisions to leave
  2. 5 tried-and-true employee retention strategies that boost retention in multiple industries
  3. Specific examples and advice that have helped cut turnover by up to 50%

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(Sneak Peek: These employee retention strategies do focus on a great employee experience, but don’t involve ping pong tables or baristas.)

Join us to get real-world, research-backed employee retention strategies. And see how you can keep your top talent happy, engaged and performing at your company longer.

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