The best employee incentive programs might help a leader in the short run, but for sustainable employee engagement, leaders need much, much more.

Can you think back to something your boss did this week that inspired you to give 101%? Did she listen and support you in a unique way? Did he reinforce the outcomes of a project you nailed; or, challenge you try a different approach? What about encouraging you to attend a workshop, conference or another opportunity to learn and improve your skills?

It starts from the top, and that energy will influence the rest!

Joy Tanjuakio, Server, Karl Strauss Brewery and YouEarnedIt End-User

Great leaders listen, inspire action, remove obstacles, and motivate people to do amazing and fulfilling work. And, many show that they appreciate your efforts through pats on the back, high-fives, public recognition, or through unique types of rewards for employees. These expressions of appreciation can go a long way and contribute to a better overall employee experience.

Speaking of pats on the back, I’ve pulled together a few not-so-conventional examples of how some leaders at YouEarnedIt show they care about their people. These types of employee rewards are drawn directly from our reward and recognition system. Thought I’d share a few:

    1. Hot coffee from the boss. That’s right, anyone on our leadership team will gladly grab employees a cup of joe. Or, grab a cup with you and talk business, life, or whatever is on our mind. It’s an excellent way to connect and catch up.

Types of Rewards for Employees_Coffee from the boss

    2. How cool would it be to wait until after the morning rush hour to make your way into the office? Or, to sit down at a coffee shop and read the paper before work? Our leadership team has offered a guilt-free way for YouEarnedIt employees to come in late.

Types of Rewards for Employees_come in late to work

    3. Executives at YouEarnedIt have taken the time to provide one-on-one coaching to anyone that asks. It’s a way for employees to learn, ask questions, and get some advice. It’s also an authentic opportunity for leaders to connect with employees.

Types of Rewards for Employees_Executive Leadership Coaching

    4. Ever had a package or piece of mail that needed to go to the post office? But, you were too busy or didn’t want to fight the elements to drop it off? Well, Elizabeth from our Customer Success team will take care of package delivery for employees when they redeem for that reward. How nice is that?

Types of Rewards for Employees_Package Pick Up

    5. OK, this one is downright weird, and it’s one of those types of rewards for employees I bet doesn’t exist anywhere else. When I lived in New Orleans, I noticed people twerking in random places like the zoo or inside Walmart. It was strangely entertaining. So, as one who likes to make people laugh, I’ve become YouEarnedIt’s official twerker. For 1000 points, I’ve agreed to fulfill anyone’s wish to see a middle-aged dude twerk. It keeps me in shape and might even serve as a foundation for a new career one day.

Types of Rewards for Employees_Tim Ryan Twerks For You

For more ideas, check out our employee rewards guide with 25 Affordable and Meaningful Reward Ideas. Or, schedule some time on your calendar for a short demonstration of YouEarnedIt’s social recognition software. Click here for a demo. Click here if you want to see a video of me twerking. Tell ’em Tim sent you.

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Tim Ryan