Companies in every industry are struggling to keep their employees engaged. According to a recent Gallup poll, 70% of employees are disengaged at work. That’s a threatening number which leads to millions of dollars spent each year on hiring, training and replacement.

It is crucial for companies to realize the importance of engaging their employees, and engaging them well. Workplace engagement is key to a company’s culture and success. Do your employees have the opportunity to learn and grow? Are they aligned with your company’s mission? Happy employees are more productive, focused, motivated and have higher performance rates. If a company wants to grow to its fullest potential, then investing in its people is the first successful step in the right direction.

We took a look into 6 successful companies and asked them what’s their single best employee engagement practice. From hiring top talent to employee empowerment, the results were all across the board. To download our guide simply press the Take A Peek button below. We hope you walk away with ideas and strategies from industry leaders that you can implement into your program right away.

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Darby Dupre
Darby Dupre