We like all of you, but we love 55% of you. Why 55% you ask?

55% of you are true champions for the employee experience. You know that in the war for talent, something (a lot of things) need to be done to attract, engage, recognize, and retain your employees. You know that the employee experience has never been more important than it is today.

Why else?

Because 55% of you believe in the magic that happens when employees are fully engaged. They bring their full selves to work. They feel connected to your core values and one another. They feel empowered to contribute in a way that has exponential impact. They unite in ways that ignite connections, and your culture catches fire.

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

Nobel Peace Price Winner and Cool Dude, Albert Schweitzer

Speaking of fire, a lot of you requested a demonstration of our reward and recognition system with a sense of urgency this week. We appreciate you dropping by to look under the hood. You came to us because you’re proactively looking for help scaling the core of your organization’s culture. You kept our employee engagement specialists and sales team busy with questions and challenges.

So you know you’re not alone, we thought we’d share a few key themes that came out of our conversations. We’re also providing links to helpful articles and guides to help you out along your path to a better employee experience.

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Your Primary Interest in a Reward and Recognition System This Week

Marketing Agencies:
We are looking for a tool for our employees to provide feedback to one another, improve our reward and recognition, and retain talent.

Improve the employee reward system.

To support our Culture of Health initiative.

We’re trying to implement a peer-to-peer recognition system to strengthen the culture in our workplace. We found your service, and are very interested in the impact it could have to increase personal recognition. We’d love a demo just to see how everything works firsthand. Thanks!

To Improve Engagement and and Encourage Core Value Alignment

We’re looking at fresh ideas for a perks/reward program.

Improve cohesiveness and positive company culture

Unified Culture, Core Values, Recognition, Rewards

Hi – In the past, we haven’t been able to incorporate a program like this because it was always cost prohibitive with the markup on admin fees/gifts, etc. but you seem to have a slightly different approach, so I’m hopeful it is something we can consider.

We need to revamp our employee recognition program.

Internal spot rewards and appreciation

Team member engagement, recognition and ultimately retention.

We are interested in starting an employee recognition program. I would like to get more information regarding your company. Thanks.

We are looking for a resource to show recognition to our employees.

Increase engagement and improve Glassdoor review scores.

We would like to have a system set up where employees can redeem their rewards via gift cards of their choice.

We have employee service awards programs and a quarterly employee recognition award, so we were interested in exploring a recognition award platform that was more immediate and housed centrally.

We are shopping for an employee recognition and engagement program to help boost morale and increase Employee Engagement.

Higher Education:
Rewards & Recognition

Establish a peer-to-peer on the spot R&R program

About YouEarnedIt:
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform that scales the core of an organization’s culture. As companies evolve, champions for the employee experience need a solution that appreciates and adapts to what makes their culture unique. In one trailblazing platform, YouEarnedIt provides real-time recognition, transformational behavior bonuses, continuous feedback, and actionable analytics to deliver an unmatched employee experience and a powerful return on investment. When people feel connected to core values and one another, cultures and organizations thrive — because YouEarnedIt. Visit youearnedit.com for more information or schedule a quick demo here.

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Tim Ryan