It’s a New Year and people keep asking me about my new year’s resolutions. I’ve never been good at listing out resolutions much less sticking to them throughout the year. It’s all too organized for me. Actually, I have set goals and resolutions to be more organized but it never works.

As I was working on our admin site for our YouEarnedIt clients yesterday (basically, this is a site that allows us to see how companies are engaging in the system, who is adding users to their account, resolve any issues for clients, etc.), I noticed the number of total employees using our system was steadily climbing minute by minute. Within the 20 minutes I was logged into the site, the number of users rose by 150 across several different clients.

Aside from the obvious message that business is growing for YouEarnedIt, what was more exciting to me was the new users were coming from current clients; people who have been using the system, loving the benefits, and so decided to add more people in the new year. This was a gift at the start of a new year that made me proud, and ties back to my new year’s resolution.

My resolution this year is simple: continue doing work I love, with clients who are passionate about engaging and recognizing their people who’ve earned it for the hard work and effort they put in, and do it better than anyone else. If we, as a team, continue down this path, that user count will continue to climb. If I look back this year and confidently say we helped people reshape their cultures, more deeply engage their workforce, and did it in a way that fulfilled each one of us, I will be happy with that resolution.

Happy New Year to you and yours. May 2013 be filled with passion, excitement, fulfillment, and maybe a little more organization for me.