To stay competitive, companies must focus on delivering a superior employee experience — one that keeps both existing employees and new hires engaged at work. One key factor of employee engagement? Connection.

There’s a reason connection is one of YouEarnedIt’s four pillars of the employee experience: what employees want and need to feel truly engaged at work is to feel connected to their managers, colleagues, and company.

As companies continue to expand with new faces, dispersed office locations, and remote employees, it’s all the more important that employees – new and tenured – are able to make quick connections. These connections impact engagement, productivity, collaboration, onboarding, and the natural ebb and flow of a business that’s firing on all cylinders.

YouEarnedIt is proud to announce the launch of People – a feature suite to improve real-time connections between colleagues.


People Directory

The People suite features a new platform functionality called People Directory, a modernized staff directory and real-time connectivity enhancer that links dispersed teams by putting a face, and a story, with a name. Instead of spending time and money on adopting yet another tool, our customers can now connect with each other at work via the same platform they’re already using for their entire employee experience. And People Directory includes options to filter and sort your searches, leading to easy and frictionless connections.

Our existing customers have been requesting a way to find the right John Smith in their company in order to recognize them and make a connection. People Directory makes it possible to filter by various business units and locations to find the exact smiling face you are looking for.

Group Recognition

This new feature also addresses the challenge of sending recognition to larger groups of people. In addition to People Directory, the People suite launch includes the Group Recognition function. Now you can send recognition to up to 50 people at a time.

As components of the new People suite, People Directory and Group Recognition make it easier to connect with coworkers within the YouEarnedIt platform.

Because the People suite lives within our platform, it alleviates the need to use multiple tools to search, learn about, connect, and send group recognition to the people you work with. We already easily integrate with your HRIS system or even via a structured data upload of the people in your company, so all the people in your organization are available and visible in our new directory without any extra overhead of managing another system or the frustration of spending budget on superfluous tools and piecemeal initiatives that don’t pay off in the long term.

The People suite also helps you onboard new hires and connect remote employees so they get to know the people they work with, build their network, and navigate their new company. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2017, just 12% of employees strongly agree their organization does a great job of onboarding new employees. People Directory helps new hires make faster connections with their new company, improving the onboarding experience and paving the way for a great employee experience.

Culture of Connection

Fostering a great culture is a topic of conversation at every company, but practical steps to improve culture are elusive for many businesses. One way to approach culture is to start at connection and grow from there. The ability to find people quickly and easily, and seeing how people fit into the organization, helps shape a culture of openness and trust. Trust is not only a huge element of company culture – according to author and researcher Paul J. Zak: “Employees in high-trust organizations are more productive, have more energy at work, collaborate better with their colleagues, and stay with their employers longer than people working at low-trust companies.” Not to mention the ways in which quick and easy connections also improves efficiencies, collaboration, and employee engagement.

We’re excited to release the People suite and to give our customers another way to save money by leveraging one compelling platform designed to improve the entire employee experience. As part of a new section of our platform focused specifically on the people you work with, we anticipate that future phases of the People suite will expand its functionality in a people-centric way to continue our mission to help companies increase connectivity and grow culture over time.

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