It’s no surprise that onboarding is an important topic for many YouEarnedIt customers. A great onboarding experience sets the stage for a great employee experience. Having a process for welcoming new employees ensures a unified culture and speedy employee ramp-up.

Beyond that, including a personal letter as part of the onboarding process creates a strong entry point into a positive employee experience. It sets up a new employee to build connections with their team, company, and core values from day one. And, more importantly, it is the starting line for their relationship with their manager. According to Gallup, managers account for 70% of the variation in employee engagement. A manager’s role in welcoming new employees is critical.

Welcoming New Employees

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Elements of a Successful Letter for Welcoming New Employees

So what should go into this personal letter? A few elements:

  • Show appreciation that they’re joining.
  • Offer connections with their manager and team.
  • Communicate the company’s core values.
  • Set expectations for success.
  • Define first steps.

With these five elements, new employees arrive on their first day with an action plan for getting up to speed and will start off with a great employee experience.

Example of a Great Welcome Letter

What should a great welcome letter look like? Here’s an example:

Dear [Employee Name],

Welcome to YouEarnedIt. I can tell that you’re going to be a great addition to our team. We’re all looking forward to having your energy and expertise on our projects.

There’s a lot to learn as you get started in these first weeks. The volume of training and new processes we’re throwing at you may feel overwhelming. So, please take a minute right now and review our company core values: open book, create happiness, adapt or die, eyes on the prize, and leave it better. You can find descriptions of these in your onboarding packet. By living these values every day, you will be successful in this company and in your career. They should guide everything that you do here.

I’m committed to your professional growth, and want that to be part of our ongoing conversations. We also have a company goal of providing connection, appreciation, meaning, and impact as part of your daily employee experience. If you feel like any of these aren’t happening (or if you just want to celebrate because they are!) my door is always open.

The rest of your onboarding plan is attached. It includes some basic office policies and identifies teammates who will get you up to speed. We’ll review it in a one-on-one later today. But in the meantime, let me (or other team members) know if there’s anything we can do to help you navigate your first few days.

Can’t wait to get started!

[Your Manager]

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A Great Approach for Welcoming New Employees

Welcoming new employees with a letter that clarifies core values, sets expectations for success, gives an introduction to the culture, and creates connections sets a new employee up to be engaged from day one. It connects them to the manager, shows them how they can make an impact, helps them understand how they can get meaning, and offers appreciation for joining the team. And that’s an important part of a great employee experience.

About YouEarnedIt
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform powered by the science of motivation and the mission of improving the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Founded in 2013, YouEarnedIt grows company culture and improves bottom-line performance metrics through its robust engagement platform that delivers recognition, rewards, incentives, and team insights. Named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017, the Austin-based SaaS company and its technology platform are built on the four pillars of employee experience: connection, meaning, impact and appreciation. To request a demo, visit

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