YouEarnedIt is proud to announce significant new enhancements to our Surveys feature suite. We now offer three survey types – Pulse Survey, Employee Net Promoter Score, and Custom Question – that empower our customers to capture continuous feedback, measure employee engagement, and improve the employee experience.

Giving your employees more of a voice around things that matter is now easier than ever.

The foundation of our award-winning platform is feedback.

Employees using YouEarnedIt are highly engaged in the positive habit of giving one another recognition for good work, whether they are managers, executives, or regular contributors to your business. We’ve designed YouEarnedIt Surveys to capitalize on this engagement and to be an easy-to-use set of tools via which employees can have a voice within their companies and to provide your company valuable feedback to the business.

We introduced our Surveys functionality in May and we are pleased to see how our customers are using it to learn what matters most to their employees. By enhancing our Surveys tool, we’re extending the capabilities of the YouEarnedIt platform while empowering companies to get a real-time grasp on what their employees want at work.

Our surveys allow HR administrators to create a culture of continuous, real-time feedback by empowering employees and HR alike with a lightweight, fast, and anonymous ways to capture and act on opinions and feedback.

When employees can safely and freely voice their opinions, they develop a sense of trust and transparency – which are core to an active, collaborative, and engaged culture.

Giving employees more ways to participate in positive feedback is a powerful way to keep them engaged with their companies. In turn, when organizations make continuous feedback part of their culture, they stay ahead of the game in terms of improving the overall employee experience and the proven business benefits that follow.

YouEarnedIt Surveys Create a Culture of Continuous Feedback

YouEarnedIt Surveys now includes an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in addition to its upgraded Pulse Survey and Custom Question survey options:

  • eNPS is an industry-standard measurement of employee engagement and loyalty. Track your score over time to measure improvement.
  • Pulse Survey is a quick, standard survey to gauge your team’s morale. Measure and track your the strength of your culture in real-time and over time.
  • Custom Question is a single-question survey to ask anything you want. Quickly learn what matters to your employees.

Other enhancements we’ve released along with Surveys include shareable links that allow users to send private or company-wide surveys via email or Slack; the ability for users to reply with text responses on multiple surveys; the capacity to run multiple surveys at once; and improved dynamic filters that segment survey results by groups.

YouEarnedIt is actively working to expand its platform functionalities to create the industry’s most innovative technology for businesses to make a lasting impact on culture and employee engagement.

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