Dear Uber,

Culture is hard.

Everyone knows that – and now you do too. But what’s harder than culture? Admitting you have a culture problem.

Most companies never get to that point. Instead, they hide their culture problem by blaming something else within the company – or they replace leadership in an effort to “solve culture” without ever really addressing the underlying issues.

So Uber, we applaud you for finally acknowledging the problem and for doing something about it. However, hiring one of the most respected authorities on organizational transformation is just the tip of the iceberg. You still have a lot to deal with below the surface.

You’re in a unique situation where there is distrust and uncertainty across your organization and it has started to trickle into other areas of your business with lawsuits, resignations, and boycotts.

It’s not a great place to be. But rock bottom never is. It’s where you go from here that will determine your fate.

At YouEarnedIt, we believe culture can make or break a company and that businesses succeed when they focus on their people and put their culture first.

You are taking steps in the right direction to solve your culture problem and we hope you can become a leader and champion for the employee experience. That takes time and commitment.  

Are you committed to making culture a strategic business initiative? Is your leadership team open to hearing AND acting on feedback from within your organization? Are you prepared to take a step back and invest – both money and time – in an area of your organization that many dismiss as “fluffy” or secondary to the overall business objectives?

We hope you are. As a global organization, we see the impact your business has made on cities all over the world, and we hope to see that impact continue.

We’ll leave you with this: Culture is everyone you hire or fire. As you set out to overhaul your business and change the perception of Uber in the market, remember that the behaviors you allow to go on in your organization and the behaviors your leadership team exudes are what define your company.

So how will Uber be defined? It’s time to go back to the drawing board to reevaluate your core values and find a way to create more connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation within your organization.

We’re here to help not if, but when you need us.


– The YouEarnedIt Team

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