Employees aren’t the only ones who should receive an end-of-year assessment. We hear companies talk about recognition programs all the time.  Many often wonder, “Are we doing enough?” Take this recognition quiz to see if your organization has the right approach to showing employees how much they are appreciated.

Rate yourself honestly on the True/False questions listed below:

1. ___ We show some form of appreciation to our employees every week.

2. ___ We measure what we reward and we reward what we measure.

3. ___ We compete, between teams, for gifts and prizes.

4. ___ Employees get to choose at least some of their projects.

5. ___ We reward behaviors linked to only one or two key organizational values.

6. ___ Employees see the rewards we currently offer as valuable.

7. ___ Employees generally think that our reward programs are silly or demeaning.

8. ___ Our organizational, departmental and individual goals are clearly defined and understood.

9. ___ Peers recognize and reward each other.

10.___ We recognize small improvements as well as the major ones.

To score your answers:

Score one point for TRUE on questions 1, 6 and 10.

Score two points for TRUE on questions 2, 4, 8 and 9.

Score one point for FALSE on questions 3, 5 and 7.

Grand total of your points = ______

What Your Total Score Tells You:

13 – 14 points: EXCELLENT!! You’re doing a great job.

11 – 12 points: Job satisfaction among employees is likely to be fairly high. Keep working to improve your retention rates.

7 – 10 points: Not bad, but you are still losing key people by missing essential components in your recognition program.

1 – 6 points: It is time to rethink your recognition program. There are more strategies available to you.


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