Employees and HR leaders are living and working in an exciting time as HR technology becomes design-centric, digital, and available anytime/anywhere. According to Josh Bersin’s 2016 HR Technology Trends report, ”Apps will become king, the cloud will sit behind the scenes, and traditional software will seem less and less relevant.” Bersin suggests that HR apps need to be as easy to use as Facebook or Instagram, as we’ll be using them for just about all HR functions (e.g. recruiting onboarding learning, performance, feedback, communication, time and attendance, expenses, payroll, etc.).

Here at YouEarnedIt, we’ve been hard at work staying one step ahead of trends, and we’re so excited that we can finally spill the beans on our Slack partnership AND mobile app updates.

How’d these fresh developments come to be? Glad you asked!

It’s because organizations are more socially-enabled that it becomes vital to meet and help connect employees where they are spending time. Many of you have asked us to make a Slack integration possible (you know who you are!) and then Spredfast, one of our earliest customers, actually first developed an initial version of the Slack integration at their internal company hackathon. Not only were we super impressed, but we were also flattered they’re so passionate about YouEarnedIt that they took advantage of our open API and built a Slack integration themselves. Check out their story here.

“Companies use so many distinct tools that do so many different things, and it’s important to have an ecosystem of connected tools instead of a list of standalone utilities.” -Tom Grochowicz, Engineering Manager, Spredfast

From there, we knew it was time to make the Slack integration available to everyone as part of our commitment to innovation and best-in-class employee-driven engagement tools. All YouEarnedIt customers now have access to our newest Slack integration that enhances the experience of giving and receiving recognition. To get started, visit your admin dashboard preferences tab. In a couple of clicks, you’ll be in Slack heaven. If you’re not a customer and want to learn more, request a short demo here.

We’re also launching mobile updates that make the YouEarnedIt app more intuitive, plus we added the option to enable real-time push notifications. For any admins reading this, we created some special features just for you, including more robust controls, a new dashboard, and better analytics.


YouEarnedIt Mobile App for iOS and Android

YouEarnedIt Mobile App for iOS and Android


We make a practice of listening to customer feedback and building it into the product, so we’re looking forward to your thoughts on the Slack integration and new mobile features. If you haven’t already, you can download the YouEarnedIt app in the App Store here and Google Play here.

Let us know what you think! And if you have more ideas on how to make YouEarnedIt even more awesome, we’re all ears. Also, please join other customers by letting us know where you’ve seen an improvement in sales, cost reductions, employee retention, customers service, KPI’s, and company profitability.

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