Creating employee retention programs for remote employees requires a different kind of time and attention.

You may have teams that span geographies and time zones. You may have constantly traveling road warriors. You may have employees working on-site with patients or clients. Or you may have a mostly virtual office where even employees in the same city work from home. No matter what the reason – it takes extra effort to keep remote employees connected. And in today’s competitive hiring market, effective employee retention programs must take remote workers into consideration.

The trend towards remote work is growing. Surveys by Gallup indicate that the number of Americans who do some or all of their work from home grew from 39% to 43% between 2012 and 2016, and that those who do work remotely are spending a larger percentage of their time doing it.

So, how do you create employee retention programs for employees who don’t even go into an office? Focus on creating a comprehensive virtual employee experience that transfers from the office to virtual work — one that includes the four pillars of connection, meaning, impact and appreciation. To quote Entrepreneur magazine: “The employee experience is what makes or breaks retention.”

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What does that virtual employee experience look like?

It starts by offering a unified sense of core values and goals. The Harvard Business Review article How to Manage Remote Direct Reports gives a case study of how Copper Mobile got remote teams to collaborate by uniting employees around a common goal. “In order to get everyone on the same page,” said Arvind Sarin, Co-founder and CEO of Copper Mobile, “I painted a picture of our strategy so that everyone — from developers in India to the leadership team here — would know what we’re doing.”

The virtual employee experience also includes software platforms that connect employees. The Wall Street Journal article Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped shows how companies like Dell (with 58% of their employees working at home for at least part of their weeks) and Automattic (an entirely virtual company) manage remote workers. A critical tool? Software platforms that give a sense of a virtual “water cooler” conversation.

Many YouEarnedIt customers are using our employee experience platform to meet both of these goals today. Our platform consistently communicates core values to your users anywhere around the globe. It inspires organic employee connections through the power of peer-to-peer recognition. And, many of our CEO-users see it as a critical tool for keeping track of what’s happening on the front lines as they have visibility into day-to-day activities via our real-time recognition dashboard.

To see how some of our customers successfully connected remote employees, watch videos of how OnDeck used it to manage rapid growth in New York, Virginia, Denver and also Australia; TeamDetroit managed remote employees; and ReturnPath connected employees in remote offices.

When you are looking for employee retention programs for your remote employees – start by looking at a unified employee experience.

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