What’s the #1 challenge for finance industry CEOs?


If you think about it, the top-of-mind issues for execs in the finance industry boil down to creating an exceptional experience for their employees.

Whether your credit union is the pillar of the community or you guide one of the biggest names in banking, you’re facing the same challenge — create an amazing employee experience, or else.

As a leader, that or else is what keeps you up at night…

… or else our top people will get poached.

… or else we’ll lose the war for exceptional engineers.

… or else we’re about to burn tons of cash on turnover.

Here’s the bottom line: Research shows that if your company isn’t focused on employee engagement, it’s hurting all over.

Disengaged employees cost you enormously

Teams with low engagement see:

  • 65% more turnover
  • 10% lower customer satisfaction
  • 37% more absenteeism
  • 21% less productivity

Now flip that around. Companies with engaged teams are 22% more profitable..

We know that the ability to reward and recognize is one of the biggest drivers of engagement. YouEarnedIt helps us do that in a way that’s important to our staff.

Lorna Hagen, SVP of People Operations, OnDeck

But hey, don’t take it from us

From credit unions to major stock analysts, YouEarnedIt is boosting employee engagement at companies across the entire finance industry. Their results speak for themselves:

Bear State Bank — For banks, keeping a cohesive culture across departments and multiple locations is a major challenge, one that 98% of Bear State Bank’s employees actively use YouEarnedIt to conquer. See how in this case study:

Bear State Case Study - Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Banking Industry Final

View here!

OnDeck — For OnDeck (NYSE: ONDK), boosting employee engagement with YouEarnedIt was just the first step. Today, they use the platform’s insights for manager training, performance reviews, and even as a recruiting tool. See for yourself in this video:


GTB — With YouEarnedIt, Team Detroit (now the GTB agency) took employee engagement to the next level, allowing it to drive performance and better business results in their offices across the globe. Hear them explain how in this video:

Want someone on your team to see a demo of YouEarnedIt? Just send them here!

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Skyler Rogers