“He just wasn’t a good culture fit.”

We’ve all heard this at companies before. New hires make it through their functional interviews only to raise red flags with coworkers, rail against company culture, and ultimately get dismissed shortly after they start.

Sure, not all new hires work out, but running into this issue becomes incredibly costly when you factor in the costs of recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and replacing them.

One way to protect your company from these costly hiring mistakes? Develop a rock-solid cultural interview process.

Develop a cultural interview for new hires with these four resources:

Develop a Cultural Interview for New Hires - YouEarnedIt

Download here!

In our latest webinar, “How to Hire for Culture: Developing the Cultural Interview,” we sat with experts to cover specific steps and examples companies can use to develop their cultural interviews.

Whether you missed the webinar or simply want to improve your own process for finding new hires, we’ve got you covered with these free followup resources:

  • The full recorded webinar to hear the experts’ takes firsthand
  • The entire webinar presentation in downloadable format as a reference for these tips and tactics
  • An easy-to-follow framework summarizing the webinar’s advice into a concise process
  • A quick exercise for defining your company’s core values (these are CRUCIAL for guiding your cultural interviews!)

With these resources on hand, you’re sure to find new hires who “fit,” helping you avoid classic (and costly) hiring mistakes moving forward.



About YouEarnedIt:
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Skyler Rogers