Brought to you by one of the latest and greatest team members of our parent company, Rockfish Interactive. We asked her thoughts on the YouEarnedIt program for Rockfish…

When I was job-searching and first researched Rockfish, I was impressed by many things on the “Culture” section of the website. But one thing that really caught my eye was the mention of “Rockfish Rewards,” a program that lets employees reward each other for good work.  “Points can be redeemed for items such as iPad, a pair of Louboutins or a year with of paid cell phone bills,” the page says.

A pair of Louboutins,  you say? Tell me more.

Now that I’m on the ground here, wrapping up my first week at the Rockfish Cincinnati office, I’ve seen Rockfish Rewards in practice. I have gifted my first rounds of points to coworkers for their amazing support as I get up and running, and it felt good to let them know I appreciated their help beyond a simple “hello” and “thank you”.

When I signed in to my Rockfish Rewards page, I also saw a real-time news-feed of other Rockfish employees who had given or received recognition to others. It’s clear that people are having fun with this program and are actively engaged in doling out rewards. The freedom to reward the behaviors of my co-workers that are meaningful to me speaks volumes.

Now I’m just waiting for my first batch of points so I can get closer to those Louboutins! (Hint, hint, coworkers.)

About Kari: Kari Wethington joined Rockfish this fall as Sr. Manager, Communications, based in the Cincinnati office. She previously worked for ELLE, Central Park Conservancy, BoomBox and The Cincinnati Enquirer. Follow her at @kariwethington.