Many companies today are investing heavily in employee engagement solutions. But are their efforts paying off?

Gallup has found that disengaged employees cost the U.S. up to $605 billion per year in lost productivity. And that’s after we’ve spent close to $1.5 billion on employee engagement solutions (according to Bersin and Associates estimates). What do those solutions look like? Often, they consist of disparate, untracked set of perks, surveys, and management tools that employees may not even use or relate to.

Clearly, such solutions do not provide a solid ROI.

Getting Proven ROI from Employee Engagement Solutions

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At YouEarnedIt, we designed something different. Our holistic approach to addressing the overall employee experience prevents companies from falling into the trap of investing in disparate employee engagement solutions without seeing tangible business results. YouEarnedIt’s goal is to help companies deliver a more powerful employee experience, not just to improve employees’ lives but to deliver bottom-line business results. Neither of these happens if your employee engagement efforts don’t give you a good return on your investment.

That’s why we built a comprehensive employee experience platform based on the science of motivation. Our customers are empowered to create a work experience that invites employees to engage – both with the platform and with their jobs.

Not content to just rely on our own research to show that our platform delivers a great return on investment, we contracted the Fidelio Works LLC research firm to research and document our customers’ ROI.

Here is a preview of what they found:

  • As much as 30% decrease in cost of employee rewards programs
  • Up to 2x participation In employee recognition programs
  • Up to 50% growth In other corporate program participation
  • As much as 10% increase in company success metrics

And, 100% of customers saw increased engagement.

While the stats tell a great story – the customer quotes enhance it. Here are a few:

“Participants who use YouEarnedIt are happier, more engaged and better adjusted.” Online Retailer

“We wanted a platform for recognizing employees who are living the brand promise. We’ve been surprised by the amount of recognition and overall morale boost that comes from being thanked for things you do on an everyday basis.” — Credit Union

“Employees love it — it’s the most popular piece of company software they use.” — Enterprise Software Platform

If you want to know more about how YouEarnedIt affects employer brand, eases recruitment, and helps build teams, download the report: Proven ROI: The Case for the YouEarnedIt Employee Experience Platform.

And if you want to see how you can get these kinds of results with your own employee engagement programs, request a demo of our employee experience platform.

About YouEarnedIt
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform powered by the science of motivation and the mission of improving the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Founded in 2013, YouEarnedIt grows company culture and improves bottom-line performance metrics through its robust engagement platform that delivers recognition, rewards, incentives, and team insights. Named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017, the Austin-based SaaS company and its technology platform are built on the four pillars of employee experience: connection, meaning, impact, and appreciation. To request a demo, visit

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Susan Mack