Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously┬áreview┬ácompanies and their management. It’s essentially a company reputation destination and can provide employers with a great snapshot into what drives employee engagement (or disengagement).

It’s also becoming the go-to place for prospective employees when searching for information on jobs, company culture, salaries, interview strategies, and to get a sense of what it might be like to work for a particular company.

This type of information has become an embedded part of our consumer culture with millions of reviews accessible through Yelp, Amazon and other eCommerce sites. Why not use employee ratings in a similar fashion when “shopping” for a new job?

We’ve written before about YouEarnedIt customer, the Motley Fool, winning Glassdoor’s #1 Best Company to Work for in America two years in a row. This time, we decided to take a closer look at the Glassdoor employee ratings for our other customers. YEI software engineer extraordinaire, Kevin Hall, connected to Glassdoor’s API to measure the average Glassdoor rating for all of our customers across the globe. On average, YouEarnedIt customers earned a 3.5 overall rating. Not too shabby!

This got us thinking. Can companies and prospective employees view Glassdoor as a measure of employee engagement? Then, what if our employee engagement software had an impact on employees’ Glassdoor ratings and opinions about their company? Of course, it’s not a perfect measure of employee engagement but, with a large enough sample size of reviews (i.e. more than 50-100 individual reviews by current and former employees), why not add it to your tool chest of employee engagement assessment materials?

We looked at a random sample of 21 customers with an average of 104 Glassdoor employee reviews each. We compared the employee rating score before launching our software and the days, weeks, months afterwards with a cut-off date of August 7, 2015.

Glassdoor Rating Chart After Launching YouEarnedIt

The results? Extremely encouraging.

  • Glassdoor ratings improved in 81% of the cases after launching YouEarnedIt (n=17)
  • Ratings declined in 14% of the cases (n=3)
  • Ratings stayed flat in 5% of the cases (n=1)

    We hope to take the research a step further and ask customers what else they’ve done, in addition to launching YouEarnedIt’s employee engagement software, to boost job satisfaction, retention, and positive reviews on Glassdoor. For now, take a look at some of the results from our analysis.

    Improving Glassdoor Scores with YouEarnedIt

    In other news, two YouEarnedIt customers, Zuora and MediaMath, have been recognized as one of the 17 best startups to work for in America.

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    Tim Ryan