With a tagline of “happiness at work,” you can bet we’re a joyful bunch here at YouEarnedIt. But not because we drink too much coffee (though that helps). Seeing our customers use YouEarnedIt to rethink their existing rewards programs and truly transform their company culture really fuels our fire. One such customer is Cratejoy, the world’s first subscription marketplace.

Cratejoy is helping redefine how employee recognition and rewards programs work

The crew at Cratejoy recently sat with us in their beautiful Austin office to discuss the YouEarnedIt effect. Check out their findings in the quick vid below:


Think about your company for a bit: Is employee recognition doled out inconsistently? Are your existing rewards programs handled ad-hoc by your already overworked HR team? Or maybe your company’s current rewards program is falling flat, leading to little or no employee participation.

These are exactly the kinds of common problems Cratejoy is avoiding, and as a result, they’re not just redefining recognition and rewards—the company culture is flourishing.


Here’s how they’re doing it

Think Cratejoy has a secret sauce to success when it comes to employee engagement? If you listen to some of the repeated themes mentioned in the video, you can spot some of the key ingredients:

  • See the power of peer-to-peer. Cratejoy opened their employee recognition program to all, making peer-to-peer positive reinforcement accessible and intuitive across the company. Instead of being a colossal, top-down task for management, employee recognition became a consistent part of the company culture.
  • Know your core values. Does your company have defined core values that influence culture or product decisions? Bake these into your employee recognition program. As Cratejoy noted, this allowed employees to recognize people exhibiting actions the company truly values.
  • Keep recognition and rewards coupled. On their own, small rewards can sometimes feel like an empty gesture that’s quickly forgotten. Always be sure to pair a reward with the reason someone’s receiving it. This kind of real-time recognition helps every thought count, adding big benefits to your company’s rewards program.


Curious about something else in the video, or want to know more about how YouEarnedIt can help redefine your own recognition and rewards program? Feel free to drop in for a live demo anytime.

Or hey, want to take a step back and learn a bit more about how recognition and rewards positively influences company culture? We recommend our ebook, “How the Cool Kids Attract & Retain Talent.”



Skyler Rogers