Let’s be real: Hunting around town for the best self-storage options is not the funnest way to spend a weekend. Or week. Enter your new best friend: SpareFoot.

Whether you’re moving, renovating or just need some extra space for the stuff you haven’t been able to part with, SpareFoot is providing a modern and practical approach that’s makes finding the best self-storage options easier than ever before. With its real-time technology, users receive instant updates of what self-storage options are available in their area, including accurate rates, temperature and electrical options—all without having to make the trek to check out the space in person.

Making self-storage easier through user-friendly technology isn’t the only way SpareFoot is defining a new standard for their industry. Part of what makes their initiatives so unique is that they put just as much energy and focus into their business practices as they do in building an awesome and reliable team of top talent. Take their approach to customer service as an example.

SpareFoot has re-designed the call center environment into a place that is fun and engaging for both employees and customers. They’ve built an inclusive, employee-focused culture where people can grow, thrive and feel truly appreciated for their contributions to the team—as well as to the industry as a whole.

What attracts people to the ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) team is an opportunity to change a $25 Billion dollar industry,” says Josh Lipton, SpareFoot’s VP of Technology and architect of ACE. “For example, who would have thought just a year ago that Uber and Lyft would turn the car service industry on its head?

Out of 100 applicants, SpareFoot hires just one person. Those applicants that make it past the initial round endure over four hours of interviewing heavily focused on the company’s core values. The interview also includes a test run with existing teammates that they shadow for an hour. After this, the candidate THEN gets an interview with the CEO. Talk about rigorous! But, the method works. SpareFoot employees have very low turnover rates, and have been recognized numerously in the Austin community for being a top place to work.

Our CEO Chuck Gordon wanted to approach SpareFoot as a culture first,” says Lipton. “He gave me the latitude to figure out how to institutionalize his vision on culture into this environment. The ACErs, as we call ourselves, are now running with it, creating all kinds of new culture-building programs organically.

Currently, SpareFoot uses a variety of systems to incentivize and recognize employees, including YouEarnedIt’s peer-to-peer employee engagement program.

According to Lipton, YouEarnedIt has become a trusted asset in building employee-to-employee trust, and rewarding behavior that links directly back to their core values. YouEarnedIt has even helped connect their multi-regional teams in the Philippines with their teams back home, to encourage a cohesive, unified culture on all fronts.

For more ideas on how to attract and retain customer service superstars, check out the Sparefoot case study in our eBook titled “How the Cool Kids Attract and Retain Talent.” It’s loaded with tips and other case studies from a variety of companies that get employee engagement right.


How The Cool Kids Attract & Retain Talent