Your palms are sweaty. Knees weak. Arms are heavy.

Recognize this famous rhyme? It’s from a legendary MC describing his nerves before a rap battle. And if you’re a manager at your office, there’s a good chance it also describes exactly how you feel at work sometimes.

True, rap showdowns may be rare in the workplace, but your anxiety can climb often when prepping for a different kind of verbal exchange: delivering employee criticism. We talk about the power of positive feedback a lot here at YouEarnedIt, but the truth is giving constructive feedback is also part of the job, one that fills many managers with dread.

Fear not! Today we’re giving you everything you need to master the art of constructive feedback via some simple-to-follow frameworks and resources. More on these below.

The reality is regular feedback needs to become normal

To truly tame your team’s anxiety around constructive criticism, you’ll need to guide them to a culture of continuous feedback.

constructive feedback webinar - continuous feedback culture

With this in place, discussions happen freely, and employees won’t be caught off guard by constructive feedback, meaning they’ll be less defensive and more receptive to it.

Easier said than done, right? Actually, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out our short leadership guides and supporting video walkthrough. They provide an easy-to-follow framework and checklist you can apply in minutes.

When it’s time to talk, follow the framework

constructive feedback webinar - feedback framework
Many factors will influence how effective your feedback is, so keep the above framework on hand to avoid common mistakes that can derail the discussion (you can download a full-size version here if you’d like).

For instance, are you in the right mindset when you start to deliver feedback? Avoid reacting to a situation emotionally if possible. Also, stay away from the mixed-message “compliment sandwich.” It’s bologna!

Our free resources are like a master class in constructive feedback

Managers, if you’re ready to take on feedback tactics today, be sure to grab our free constructive feedback resources which can help you get started in minutes!


In these, you’ll find everything you need to master the art of constructive feedback:

  • A roadmap to creating a culture of continuous feedback
  • A framework detailing how to organize constructive feedback
  • A checklist for delivering feedback effectively
  • Example scenarios and common feedback mistakes to avoid
  • An info-packed video walkthrough of these methods with feedback experts


Staying on track during face-to-face, constructive feedback meetings is crucial for managers. Master the art of constructive feedback, and though you may be nervous, on the surface you’ll be calm and ready.

Want more leadership training? You can also check out our guide to giving effective feedback or find 50 behaviors to recognize and reward in employees.

Skyler Rogers