By C.K. Sample III, YouEarnedIt’s Chief Product Officer

Here at YouEarnedIt, we’ve been sprinting for three years to deliver the Total Employee Engagement platform. In looking ahead at all the exciting things we want to add in 2017 and beyond, we realized it was time to add more flexibility to our current design as we evolve into The People Platform®. The designers, engineers, and quality assurance professionals that make up our Product Development team have been working on a full redesign of our platform with an eye on the future. We’re prioritizing the experience of the employees across our customers who use and love the product every day. Anyone in UX and development knows the difficulty in building a design that remains simple and flexible, yet meets the growing needs of the user base. We’re excited to soon release the new design to our entire customer base on February 2nd.

We hope our existing customers are excited about the changes that are coming, and we want this post to help prep you for the redesign and the big and little improvements coming with it!

So, why the redesign? Four big reasons:

  1. Optimization – Continuing to push for modern design and technical standards (including making the product responsive to various screen sizes and increasing performance and speed). This means a faster experience that looks natural on more of your various devices.
  2. Efficiency – The creation of a global design language and a reusable component set to speed up future design and development of new features. You know…the whole slow down to speed up mantra. This is a big one for exciting things coming in 2017!
  3. Consistency – A full overhaul of the employee-facing user interface of YouEarnedIt on web with multiple user experience improvements (Admin screens will be re-skinned to match the new design with a full redesign of those sections coming in 2017; our mobile apps will be brought in functional alignment with our site by the end of the year with a redesign to match the new site scheduled for early 2017). In other words, activities and information that may have taken multiple steps to find in the past are now more clearly at your fingertips.
  4. Structure – Changing the overall navigation within the platform in order to make key functionality easier to find and to use. This in turn, establishes a better foundation (think system layout) for exciting new product enhancements coming in 2017!

You’re probably thinking, “That sounds great, C.K., but what does that mean in terms of what’s actually changing?” I’m glad you asked…


YouEarnedIt Activity Feed

Figure 1: A sample view of the top of the Activity Feed in the new design.


Information you need at your fingertips

We listened to feedback from our wonderful users and brought in easier navigation to key features, placing the information you access most front-and-center with this design. For example, the most frequently asked question we receive from end users is, “How do I find out the status of my reward?” Well, now you’ll find a direct link in your profile menu to “My Redemptions” where you can check in on the status on any past or present redemptions (See Figure 1, above).

Another common request has been an easier way to see all of the people involved in a group recognition or any other group activity (think: team rewards, group High-5, and more). We wanted to bring the personal employee aspect to the forefront and address this request with the new design. We’ve added images of the people involved in any group activity complete with more information about each of them when you hover over their picture (See Figure 1, above). We always strive to bring out more information about users to share with others, and this is one simple way we seek to do so.

Additionally, we all know that redeeming for a team reward is more fun when you know who is involved! Now, if you’re looking at a pooled item (e.g. Team Reward) in the Rewards Catalog, you can click on it to see a list of all the people who are participating, which has been a top request from our customers for a while. Score!


Catalog_View Contributors

Figure 2: Clicking on the “givers” link in a pooled reward reveals a pop-up menu with all participants.

Notifications provide live and relevant information about who is interacting with you and your YouEarnedIt activities. This awareness encourages engagement, sparks recognition and increases involvement. That’s why we’re focused on always improving notifications, and there are lots of notification improvements with this redesign.

First off, if you’re viewing the Activity Feed and someone posts some new recognition, the system will notify you that there’s a new post available and clicking on the notification will load that new post (See Figure 3, below). Now there will be a useful notification telling you how many new posts are available that you can click on to load them.


Figure 3: A new notification pops-up at the top of the Activity Feed letting you know when new things have appeared since the last time you refreshed the page.

Figure 3: A new notification pops-up at the top of the Activity Feed letting you know when new things have appeared since the last time you refreshed the page.

New dismissable system alerts appear slightly above the global navigation, now in bright colors to call your attention to them (See Figure 4, below). This is an improvement on the grey-boxed alerts that could sometimes go unnoticed in the system.


Figure 4: This is an example of a dismissable alert in the new design.

Figure 4: This is an example of a dismissable alert in the new design.

All other Notifications are now accessible in the universal side bar. Dismissing, marking as Read, and viewing all of your past notifications in the system by clicking the “See All” link at the bottom of the list is much easier with the new redesign (See Figure 5, below).


Figure 5: New Notifications functionality streamlines the notifications experience.

Figure 5: New Notifications functionality streamlines the notifications experience.


Behavior Bonus™ in its own designed space

In our mission to enable employees to own their own engagement and to connect each of our customers to their employees in a meaningful way, we’re expanding on the Behavior Bonus™ feature.

Psst…..if you don’t have this feature enabled and optimized, stop what you’re doing, email our Customer Success team, and let them help you! It’s a great way to encourage your team to be healthy, give back to the community, learn new things, collaborate with other departments, and maintain a healthy work-life balance with support from you and the company. Win-win!

YouEarnedIt Pro-Tips aka how to do cool stuff with YouEarnedIt

To highlight this feature and make it easy to access, we’re now featuring it within the global navigation. Not only that, but we’ve added a new, cleaner look to the Behavior Bonus™ catalog (See Figure 6, below). Best of all, when you see a coworker’s Redemption for “Breaking a Sweat” in the Activity Feed, you can now High-5 that activity to encourage them to keep it up (See Figure 1, above).


BehaviorBonus™ Catalog

Figure 6: Behavior Bonus™ now has its own newly redesigned page to help set the stage for future improvements to this great YouEarnedIt feature.

Giving Behavior Bonus™ its own space on YouEarnedIt is just the beginning of the Behavior Bonus™ improvements we have planned. Soon after the redesign, we will be adding comments to Behavior Bonuses™ and the ability to add images and links as optional social evidence of what activity you did. In 2017, we have plenty of improvements planned, like the ability to ask people to join you in a Behavior Bonus™ ahead of time, whether that be a trip to the gym or a charity cause that you’d like others to join you in.

Skills & #hashtags

With our Skills feature, you can tag your colleagues with a Skill that they’ve exemplified when you give them recognition. With our new recognition flow, you’ll be able to recognize your colleagues for up to three Skills instead of just one. Give your employees the voice and the ability to be the eyes and ears of your culture! Encourage them to be on the lookout for the most relevant skills and tag them! We promise that you’ll get better data to use in driving engagement across your team this way.

Additionally, employees who want to add some personality to a post can now add #hashtags directly in the context of the recognition itself. #hashtagculture

The beginning of Insights

Managers and Admins in YouEarnedIt are used to collecting all kinds of useful data about their teams and their giving and redemption trends; however, to date that has only been accessible in the Admin section of the site. With this redesign, we are refreshing the look and feel of the dashboards and moving this functionality into its own Insights tab made easier to access for managers and admins.

Initially, this will still be Manager and Admin only views, but we plan to add a version of Insights for all members of your company – every employee! The insights that we will surface in 2017 will help drive more collaboration, elevate the right people who are powering engagement and performance across your company, highlight the skills of those people, and enable managers and employees to be more in the know all the time.

Much more on the horizon…

These are just a few of the highlights of the upcoming changes to YouEarnedIt. We’re extremely excited about these changes and looking forward to all the wonderful things we’ll be bringing to YouEarnedIt and to all our amazing customers in 2017.

If you’ve read this, and you’re excited too, reach out and let us know. If you’re not a customer yet, request a demo. If you’re a current YouEarnedIt Admin, and you’d like to be included in the limited beta release before this goes live to everyone, please let your Customer Success representative know.

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C.K. Sample III
C.K. Sample III
Chief Product Officer