Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The universal day of love. The day that everyone’s feeling a little happier, a little more optimistic  because of all the love and positivity that is floating around.

Tech Cocktail had a great article come out yesterday about the consumerization of enterprise software. The message of the piece got me thinking about what people love today in terms of the tools and programs deployed by HR to the masses. With all the focus on brand, personal efficiency, and plain ole’ good design, HR enterprise platforms are changing…and for good reason. Employees won’t stand for yesterday’s platforms that are top-down, confusing yet feature-rich, and hard to engage.

So, what do we think our employees love in regards to employee recognition? Here goes….

1) Simplicity. Make it too hard to connect with coworkers just to say “good job” and they’ll find a better way themselves. Add layers of process, approvals, and complicated choices and they’re gone.

2) Encouragement. I struggle with this one because it sounds a little “fluffy” for my taste, but it’s true. People love hearing what they did right so they can….wait for it….do it again. I think Marcus Buckingham was onto something….

3) The truth. Tell them like it is. Try to refrain from sending positive recognition through some organizational filter that spits out  out the top five competencies and the three sub-competencies. Let the HR and exec team read and use that stuff appropriately. For sending recognition and repeating positive organizational behaviors, tell them who said it and what was said – directly. It’s more meaningful that way.

Here’s to wishing you lots of happiness all year round and not just one day of the year. You earned it.