Right now, there’s a war for talent raging all around us.

That’s what HR leaders in the hiring trenches would tell you, at least. Between Baby Boomers retiring and the lowest unemployment rate we’ve seen in years, the competition for exceptional employees is more intense than ever.

Is a recruiting war the only way to find exceptional employees?

Companies seem to be viewing exceptional employees as unicorns — these mythical hires will gallop in, fill niche skill gaps in teams, and transform the company culture overnight.

Forbes has another take: Retention, not recruiting, will be the biggest talent challenge of 2017. LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report took this one step further, saying it’s time to focus on internal recruiting for talent needs.

Bottom line? The unicorn employees you’re after could be in your office right now.

workplace unicorns - image credit: Roland Tanglao on Flickr

Infographic: The Secrets to an Exceptional Workplace

Recently, YouEarnedIt took the data from over 100,000 individuals on its employee recognition platform and surveyed over 100 of the most-recognized employees to learn what company leaders can do to create an exceptional workplace.

So, does having a great place to work mean you have to invest heavily in recruiting? Nope. Perhaps most surprising from our analysis was the strong influence of workplaces — ones that offer opportunities to learn, stay healthy, connect with others, and feel appreciated by managers for instance — in helping everyday employees develop into workplace unicorns.

If you’re a leader who’s interested in turning around your workplace and developing great employees, check out the results of our analysis in this infographic:

YouEarnedIt Infographic: Secrets to an Exceptional Workplace

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Learn more from some of the world’s most recognized employees

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