The results from a recent YouEarnedIt survey conducted with new hires and tenured employees across a variety of industries tell a compelling story about what really drives employee engagement, especially for millennials. Companies seeking to attract and retain Millennials, adults 18 to 34 that currently make up the largest share of the American workforce, can gain tremendous insight from the survey results.

Here are three things the data suggests we do to boost employee engagement. Check out the infographic below for more details.

#1 – Devise a strategy for helping employees develop deeper relationships with their coworkers. 67 percent of survey respondents expressed that connections to their coworkers and team collaboration on projects are the strongest factors that lead to their deeper sense of engagement at work.

#2 – Encourage a culture of frequent feedback from the top-down, bottom-up, and most importantly, peer-to-peer. According to the survey results, 97 percent of respondents answered that real-time feedback from peers and throughout company hierarchies was equal to, and in some cases, more important than bi-annual performance reviews.

#3 – Rethink what’s rewarding for your employees. It’s not what you think. While it’s easier to give a blanket pay increase across the board, it’s not paying off for most companies. Opportunities to live a healthier and more purposeful life, grow in their profession, and participate in team events carry more weight than an increase in compensation. Consider employee rewards like team happy hours, group fitness events, and collaborative mentoring. Check out these 40 employee reward ideas for more inspiration.

Employee Engagement Infographic


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Tim Ryan