We would all agree that our problem solving skills can be lacking at times. Customer service ratings have declined?  Push more CBL’s to your employees hoping that does the trick. Employees are leaving left and right because you have an engagement issue? Throw money at them. Whether it is a matter of skill or simply a lack of time to find the right solution to the problem, this happens too often when we looking for a better answer to employee engagement.

We can be near-sighted. We are all guilty of it. But not all long-term, sustainable solutions have to be hard, difficult to find and implement, or so steeped in process that the impact is lost. Research has proven that employees aren’t motivated for the long-term by money, so acknowledging that annual bonuses or pay raises don’t provide long-term motivation, create a lasting connecting to the culture, or engage people to the mission is the first step.

We hear often that the simple act of praise is all that is needed to convert a passive employee who is mildly satisfied into a cultural champion ready to rock. Don’t believe us? Check out this fun infographic for the deets.