I have been at Rockfish working as an Insights Coordinator on the Strategy Team for just over a year. As is the Rockfish way, I work closely with those from all sides of the business across all office locations. This is my first full-time position out of graduate school and my introduction to the workforce. No one reports up to me at this point in time, and I am supervised by a strong team of Digital Strategists. In my position, others are often relying on me to meet a deadline, deliver a research request or quickly pull insights into a project. Because of the demand of my role and how it can affect multiple people across the business, receiving YouEarnedIt points is thrilling and affirming as I seek to improve my impact on the organization!

YouEarnedIt is not only a way leadership shows appreciation to everyone for their hard work, but a way for everyone across our company to express gratitude and give recognition for what we feel is important. Here at Rockfish, we are a well-oiled machine and the machine cannot function efficiently without a strong contribution from every team and person. The teamwork that happens here day-to-day is evident when I log into YouEarnedIt and see my coworkers interacting with each other. I am always blown away at the connections between people and teamwork I see on display in our social feed.

Snapshot of the YouEarnedIt Social Recognition Wall

I feel very fortunate to be in a work environment where I learn from those around me every day, and thrive on using what they teach me to grow in my position. That’s one of the ways I leverage YouEarnedIt at work. Whether it is a quick chat with my supervisor about the best way to craft a meaningful story, or a client-saving email from my project manager who keeps all of our work on track, YouEarnedIt is the official “thank you” of Rockfish, but it is much more meaningful than a simple thank you.  For me, it’s thanking someone for investing in my career and growth at Rockfish; thanking someone for motivating me to make the final push toward a deadline or to move forward with an idea; others showing their thanks to me for doing my part to produce the best work possible for our clients. They say it takes a village, so I am grateful that I have YouEarnedIt to show my appreciation to this village…all of whom are impacting my growth, engagement, and happiness at work.


Lindsey Castrodale is a rising star on the Rockfish Interactive Strategy team.