Millions of teams across the world use Slack, a team collaboration and instant messaging tool (on steroids!), to make communicating, collaborating, and sharing files at work easier and more efficient. Hundreds of those teams also use YouEarnedIt to better engage with their coworkers, boost workplace productivity, and make recognizing office greatness an everyday thing.

So we’re excited to announce that YouEarnedIt and Slack have made our relationship status “official.” Now you can find the YouEarnedIt integration in Slack’s App Directory and we’re totally Slack/slap happy about it.

Check it out!

Together, YouEarnedIt and Slack make it possible for employees to view and send meaningful recognition without ever leaving Slack. Automatically post any public recognitions at your company to a Slack channel, whether they are sent through Slack or through the YouEarnedIt web application. Here’s a quick refresher on how the integration works.

  1. Connect your team’s Slack account with YouEarnedIt
  2. Create a dedicated channel for recognition
  3. Use the /YEI command to create and send a YouEarnedIt recognition post
  4. Sit back and watch as the workplace love and appreciation pours through

What’s great is that it’s easy as pie to set up – just a couple of clicks and YEI and Slack will be instant besties. Click here for additional information about the integration.

And as always, we thank Mighty Man Tom Grochowicz, the Engineering Manager at Spredfast, whose team developed the original version of the Slack/YouEarnedIt integration during an internal company hackathon. We are so very thankful for their drive and for serving as the inspiration to continue to iterate and evolve our Slack integration.

If you’re interested in learning more about YouEarnedIt’s employee engagement platform, our Slack integration, or our many other integrations, give us a shout!

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Darby Dupre
Darby Dupre