“Employee Engagement” is a phrase that’s being tossed around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean?

For some companies, employee engagement can mean as little as answering a survey about morale, seeing a slight increase in attendance at a corporate event, or even the number of employees interacting with you on social. Does that really sound authentic?

Having built YouEarnedIt, we have the privilege of seeing engaged employees every day. If you don’t know who yours are, maybe this will give you an idea:

Your engaged employees recognize and celebrate their peers.

Your engaged employees contribute to your charitable efforts.

Your engaged employees participate in wellness programs.

Your engaged employees feel rewarded at the right times.

Your engaged employees make work meaningful.

That’s right; employee engagement isn’t tied to a single action or questionnaire. Employee engagement happens when multiple factors and company initiatives join forces.

The problem is, tracking and managing all of these HR initiatives can be an unwieldy task full of manual processes and data collection. Would you even know who your engaged employees are if you tried?

It’s time to start streamlining these into one area. It’s time to sum up all these employee engagement efforts so they actually drive change.

It’s time for total employee engagement.

See how total employee engagement is helping Bazaarvoice


“Before YouEarnedIt, we had multiple programs serving different kinds of HR functions. We needed a product that had features we could deploy in multiple ways.” -Philip Ziman, VP of Rewards & Operations

Employee engagement, rewards and recognition, employee wellness programs, charitable giving — these are just a sample of the separate initiatives HR was juggling at Bazaarvoice before streamlining these on YouEarnedIt.

Two years later, the results speak for themselves, and you can hear the examples of total employee engagement in the video above. Recognition and rewards have made work meaningful. Employee wellness program participation has gone from a handful to hundreds (helping their medical costs considerably). And of course, there are quotes like these:

“YouEarnedIt is more than a transactional tool to recognize somebody. It’s really a community.” -Rich Murr, SVP of Business Technology

“We got an email from an employee who found out she had a critical illness. She took her health risk assessment because we encouraged her through YouEarnedIt. She wrote a very lengthy message to specifically thank us for creating that incentive. That’s the kind of reward that’s priceless.” -Philip Ziman, VP of Rewards & Operations

“My employees get excited about the wellness factor. A lot of people are conscientious about working out. Being rewarded is really important, and I hear buzz around it all the time.” -Holly Socha, Client Care Manager

Bringing the best parts of your HR efforts into one simple, streamlined program is a big part of what YouEarnedIt enables, but more importantly, it’s what defines total employee engagement for companies.

Want to speak to someone about streamlining your company’s efforts towards total employee engagement? Drop us a line and visit us on our request a demo page.