Recently the Great Place to Work Institute surveyed all 100 companies of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and uncovered that employee wellness and employee development were two of the top priorities for 2013. Sharing best practices for a more engaged and happier workforce is top priority for us, so we thought it might be fun to come up with some creative ways that the we can enable better cultures and companies through the use of the YouEarnedIt platform.

  1. Build Health Ambassadors.  Many companies are changing the way employees think about health and wellness, partly because it contributes to an overall positive culture and partly (mainly) because everyone hopes to proactively address the rising costs of healthcare premiums.  YouEarnedIt clients are no different so if there is a wellness initiative in place, consider using competition in a different way by creating health ambassadors and enabling them to drive wellness through the platform. Find those employees engaging in and promoting healthy behaviors and recognize them above-and-beyond through the platform. Promoting these behaviors is a great way to spread the word (and healthy behavior). Consider giving these people extra points to also recognize others when positive behavior is happening in the company. Use these people as your eyes and ears to ensure healthy behavior becomes a norm at work.
  2. Deliver options. Add some healthy items (and extra budget) from the cafeteria to the reward catalog, or consider adding a new vending option that delivers healthy goods. Some of our clients have gotten creative here by rewarding teams and individuals with personal catering options at work or cooking classes that teach healthy and tasty cooking techniques.  More options that our customers love: reward employees with extra days off to help cool those mental gears and achieve balance. Consider personal training or gym memberships as well.
  3. Get involved. Get creative. A great deal of leadership development takes place outside of training seminars and lecture halls. This development takes place in the communities where our employees work and play, or by encouraging involvement in things that are not directly related to the individual’s role. Recognize people who are going above and beyond, extending their impact to the community, or stretching themselves to grow in non-traditional areas. Consider providing team days off for charitable work as a reward and offer it at a discounted rate. At the end of the day, this diversity of experience benefits the organization and employee well-being in a big way.
  4. Celebrate Education. If some employees are working toward an advanced degree or spending time to enhance their perspective in some way, consider recognizing and rewarding them through the YouEarnedIt platform.  Encourage ongoing learning and developing by recognizing these behaviors and sharing with others across the company.  Showing off tangible rewards for these accomplishments will encourage others to invest time and effort into something that grows their skills and experiences.

There are a lot of unique ways to strengthen culture and the engagement of your workforce, and the 100 Best Companies to Work For list offers a lot of tips and tricks of the trade. Tell us about some of the ways your company uses the YouEarnedIt platform to strengthen your culture and team. We will share them here!