Today, very few of us work entirely on our own. Even solo projects are part of a bigger department or team effort. Ideally, our individual contributions tie into greater company goals. Collaborative rewards make sense for collaborative work.

Having a team that you actually enjoy working with makes an enormous difference in your motivation to go to work on a day-to-day basis. If peers, teams, and different departments work well together, the whole company’s performance goes up.

At YouEarnedIt, we understand the interaction between happy teams and employee motivation. We’ve built our platform on the four pillars of a comprehensive employee experience: appreciation, meaning, impact and connection. Strong teamwork builds strong connections.

Point Pooling, one of our unique features, is a great way to cost-effectively use collaborative rewards to build team spirit across your whole company. Point Pooling lets multiple employees use their recognition points for a group experience, charitable donation, or a delivery that a whole group can enjoy.

Using our own company as an example, we recently pooled our points to support a coworker’s participation in the Hill Country Ride for Aids. Some of our customers have used point pooling for other charitable donations, helping a coworker going through a health or family crisis, going to happy hour, kickball, a group trip to an escape room, and to pay for a team to do a marathon or 5K. There are many different Point Pooling rewards that resonate with different groups of employees. Enabling teams to choose rewards that are meaningful to them has proven to be a great motivator.

Recently, in our own office, we’ve seen how Point Pooling strengthens teams due to our shared love of cold-brew coffee.

Collaborative-Rewards-Inspired Teamwork

A few months ago, YouEarnedIt hosted an event where we served a keg of cold-brew coffee. Afterwards, we offered the leftovers for employee consumption – and we consumed it in short order. Requests for more came from every department.

Our management responded (as you’d expect, they do like happy employees!). But the cold-brew is a pretty high-ticket item – $75 per keg, and a keg lasts a week, if we’re lucky. So, instead of adding it to our snack budget, like our regular “perked” coffee, they set it up for Point Pooling.

Cold-Brew Coffee Point Pooling

As soon as the announcement came out, we were on it. A small set of employees became cold-brew champions. They went department by department, letting others know that they could use their points for cold-brew until we reached the Point Pooling minimum (with contribution from at least 25 employees). When it’s time to renew, they gently remind us.

Overall, the cold-brew Point Pooling had the following effects:

  • It’s an excuse for people from different departments whose projects may not usually overlap to work together – encouraging more cross-departmental collaboration on actual work projects.
  • Each cup of cold-brew is a reward in and of itself, which feels a little more meaningful than if it was just another perk.
  • Employees who contribute, but don’t drink much of the cold-brew, feel good about making their coworkers happy.
  • Getting the new cold-brew didn’t use any extra budget since it used our existing reward dollars.
  • Having the tangible reward motivates us to look for different ways to help each other out and work together so that we can (hopefully) get more recognition points to contribute.

Cold-brew may not be the thing that motivates your employees. Experiences, donations, cookies, or group lunches, might be more important to your teams. But one key bonus of a point pooled reward? Employees get to work together to get the reward that’s most important to the team.

If you want to see more ways the YouEarnedIt Employee Experience platform encourages teams, take a tour of our product.

About YouEarnedIt
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform powered by the science of motivation and the mission of improving the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Founded in 2013, YouEarnedIt grows company culture and improves bottom-line performance metrics through its robust engagement platform that delivers recognition, rewards, incentives, and team insights. Named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017, the Austin-based SaaS company and its technology platform are built on the four pillars of employee experience: connection, meaning, impact and appreciation. To request a demo, visit

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Susan Mack