In the past, we’ve talked a bit about how Bazaarvoice‘s efforts towards employee recognition, rewards, and streamlining HR initiatives are evidence of a “total” employee engagement philosophy. We even visited the company to talk about YouEarnedIt’s role in those efforts:



Today we’re happy to take things a step further and share a full case study detailing how total employee engagement is paying off at Bazaarvoice! You can grab it here:

See the Bazaarvoice case study from YouEarnedIt

So how did Bazaarvoice become a model for how to engage employees?

The company set out with a few simple goals:
  • Streamline multiple HR efforts (things like recognition, rewards, corporate wellness, charitable giving) in an attempt to boost employee participation with each.
  • Boost employee wellness to justify the cost of the company’s corporate wellness program.
  • Revamp employee recognition and rewards to make these efforts effective.


The results? Real ROI:
  • Measurable employee engagement across multiple HR initiatives skyrocketed.
  • Participation in corporate wellness rose so much the company now anticipates lower premium costs.
  • While the employee recognition and rewards programs flourished, Bazaarvoice came in under its rewards budget.

For more info on Bazaarvoice’s ROI and how to engage employees, grab the full case study now!


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