What’s all this talk about company core values and how do you make sure your organization is getting the most out of them?

Here at YouEarnedIt, we set out on a mission to answer just that and provide our readers with several resources around the topic of company core values, starting with a 30-minute webinar.

Core value expert and CEO of YouEarnedIt, Autumn Manning, and Global Eagle Entertainment’s SVP of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Zant Chapelo, shared best practices and offered valuable tips on how to jump-start your core values. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t yet!

Core Values and Employee Engagement
Next, we combined our learnings from the webinar with a dash of some additional knowledge from our core values experts, plus sprinkled in some real examples of core values from respected brands to create the ultimate core values guide!

What you can expect to see in our “Manager’s Guide: Linking Company Core Values to Performance”:

  • Examples of core values in action and how they compare to our checklist
  • Ideas on how to integrate core values across your organization
  • Action items on how to enable your employees to own and live out core values daily
  • How you can use YouEarnedIt to measure employee alignment to core values


Darby Dupre
Darby Dupre