Employee Appreciation Day only rolls around once a year, but you sure wouldn’t know it if you were on the YouEarnedIt team. It may sound cheesy, but being around a group of people that’s building a best-in-class employee appreciation platform and actively promoting happiness at work can make every day feel like Employee Appreciation Day.

Recently, we reflected on what Employee Appreciation Day means to many people, and it got us thinking about the YouEarnedIt customers building their own culture of appreciation with the platform.

Scouring the web, we realized we’ve heard lots of testimonials from them over the years, and putting many of these in one place created a real testament to the power of employee appreciation.

We’ve shared some of our favorites below. Check ‘em out, and see why every day is Employee Appreciation Day at more companies than just YouEarnedIt:

Rockfish Digital:

“We moved to YouEarnedIt because of the personal connection.”

Mass Relevance:

“When we recognize each other across boundaries, we realize that we’re not in silos. We’re all moving together.”


“The idea that only managers reward employees is outdated. Employees feel more appreciated when they can get that kind of recognition every day from the people who know what they’re doing — their peers.”

Motley Fool:

Motley Fool on YouEarnedIt

“35 times a day, someone is saying thank you. Before, there wasn’t a platform to facilitate that.”

Team Detroit:

“We have a great forum for allowing people to voice their appreciation in a way that didn’t exist before. We have over 83% engagement from our employees. This type of system really could work anywhere.”


“Before we adopted YouEarnedIt, recognition and rewards was entirely on the shoulders of the leadership. After YouEarnedIt, it became part of the culture.”


“YouEarnedIt is more than a transactional tool to recognize somebody. It’s really a community.”

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