What makes you excited about coming to work differs from what drives your office mates. And, it differs from the millions of people that punch in every day throughout the world.

You may have an intense project that’s pushing you into an uncomfortable but energized place. The rush to meet a deadline and the understanding that your contributions will delight customers is like an IV of cold brew coffee pumped into your bloodstream.

Meanwhile, in another department, someone is sitting in a 1-day workshop to learn effective presentation skills. Opportunities for professional development AND the ability to apply those new skills to her work keeps her engaged.

YouEarnedIt employees are no different. The diversity of our staff matches the diversity of reasons why we choose to give our best every day; why, in a very hot labor market with ample technology jobs, we’re committed to building the world’s best employee experience platform.

For us, just like for you, an amazing job experience keeps us engaged. A strong sense of purpose, core values, and a free-spirited culture don’t hurt, either.

YouEarnedIt Employee Brittany

Speaking of free-spirited, I’d like to introduce you to one of YouEarnedIt’s sales people. Her name is Brittany. She’s from New Orleans, went to college at Alabama, and has made Austin her home for the past 10ish years.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Brittany, like everyone within our organization, is extraordinary. I asked her to share what gets her excited about work. Here’s a short and sweet snapshot into the mind of Brittany. Not only are you going to get some great New Orleans restaurant recommendations, but you’re also going to pick up a couple workplace recognition ideas that work.

Hey, Brittany. Can you describe your job and how your work impacts customers?

Brittany: YouEarnedIt is about helping employees feel more connected to their peers, appreciated for their hard work, find a sense of meaning in their work, and to see and feel the impact they make on their company. As a salesperson, it’s meaningful to know that I contribute to making a difference in how other employees enjoy their work.


So, you’re from New Orleans, Louisiana and yet you went to college in Alabama? How did your family feel about your choice of Alabama over LSU?

Brittany: Yes, went to Bama because I wanted a new experience; all my high school friends were going to LSU. My family almost disowned me when Bama hired Nick Saban my junior year.


This decision to roll with the tide places you into maverick status, in my book. And, you’re from one of the most unique cities in the world. Would you share with our readers your favorite New Orleans restaurant, Poboy shop, and Mardi Gras parade krewe?

Brittany: My favorite Poboy shop is Radosta’s. My favorite carnival parade is from the Krewe of Endymion. My favorite NOLA restaurant is Jaques-Imos.

OK, now that we’ve got those important recommendations out there, let’s talk about how you like to connect in the office. YouEarnedIt offers employees options to pick and choose how they want to engage by way of “Behavior Bonuses.” The bonuses vary from things like walking to lunch, getting a health screening, or showing a new employee around the office. What’s your favorite Behavior Bonus and why?

Brittany: Fave BB? Connect Us! What better way to connect and learn from your peers then through a fun game or activity? We all learn by doing, so involving us in an actionable way to learn something new is much more enjoyable

You earned 500 Behavior Bonus points for a Connect Us event. What was the focus?

Brittany: The Sales Team recently experienced a workshop to learn an improv technique called “Yes, And.” It’s a form of active listening by recognizing what someone says and adding to the conversation in a positive way. We shared the technique during a Friday lunch as part of our Connect Us series.

YouEarnedIt Connect Us Behavior Bonus Employee Reward

What are your favorite types of rewards for employees within YouEarnedIt’s reward and recognition system?

Brittany: Tiffs Treats! I loooove me some cookies. It’s fun and collaborative that we all chime in together to earn 2 dozen cookies delivered to the office as a team.

Mouth Watering Employee Rewards from YouEarnedIt

Would you share one of your favorite recognition posts received over the past few weeks?

Brittany: It’s on my new biz card….”I see you work so hard to close your deals. You go above and beyond and it does not go unnoticed. Your passion is palpable. I love seeing how you approach business from a high level to show relevant ROI that YouEarnedIt can provide for our customers!”

YouEarnedIt Business Card and Workplace Recognition Ideas

Who sent you that awesome recognition?

It came from a peer. This is my favorite recognition because it’s a pretty accurate description of my work and it feels so good that others see how I shine. It’s rewarding and validating that my peers notice my hard work and passion.


About YouEarnedIt
YouEarnedIt is the employee experience platform that scales the core of an organization’s culture. As companies evolve, champions for the employee experience need a solution that appreciates and adapts to what makes their culture unique. In one trailblazing platform, YouEarnedIt provides real-time recognition, transformational behavior bonuses, continuous feedback, and actionable analytics to deliver an unmatched employee experience and a powerful return on investment. When people feel connected to core values and one another, cultures and organizations thrive — because YouEarnedIt. Visit youearnedit.com for more information or schedule a quick chat with our employee engagement pros to see if we can help.

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