One of the tougher challenges these days is managing multiple generations and keeping everyone happy. Employee morale can take a hit when your multi-generational crew is getting a lot of Millennial love, and others are feeling left out. But wait — aren’t our basic motivations all the same? Can we improve work performance by thinking about employee goals, recognition and rewards that differ by generation?

Yes, and YES! It’s important to note that while we all want pretty much the same things —  security, happiness, etc. — where we are in life determines our priorities. Happiness to a Baby Boomer might mean retiring with plenty of money to travel. For a Gen X’er, it could mean having enough work to put kids into college without debt. And then there’s the huge number of Millennials in the workforce, all starting their own life cycles.

Here are a few resources when managing multiple generations and coaching teams with feedback that matters to them and their generational needs:

  • First of all, let’s bust some myths. Not all of Gen Y are narcissists, despite the abundance of selfies out there. This article will dispel a few more Millennial myths and teach you a thing or two about what Millennials really want. And here’s a good note from Hannah, who hails from Generation Y, to tell you more about what motivates her generation (hint: It ain’t money!).
  • Wondering how in the world Baby Boomers and Millennials can relate? Sure, they were both population explosions in the US, but Boomers have impacted the workplace in ways that are hard to recognize now, and Millennials are driving more innovation. Check out this article on bridging the gap, and how to work with Gen X’ers thrown into the mix.
  • And finally, we’d be remiss by not mentioning a rewards and recognition angle, and here it is: Different generations have different goals due to the different stages of life they’re in. So, it makes sense to tune recognition accordingly. Here’s a quick look at what generations expect in a recognition program.

We’re not done yet! Be sure to check out this guide to 33 Reward Ideas for Millennials and start planning your own recognition program to boost employee morale — before they drop out!


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Victor Agreda
Victor Agreda