A high employee turnover rate can be the bane of advertising agencies.

Though the ad industry is filled with incredibly creative projects, its workplaces are often prone to long hours, burnout, and cutthroat cultures, all of which fuel the industry’s average employee turnover rate of about 30%.

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) is the content marketing agency within Meredith Corporation, a well-established giant in the public media and marketing world.

You might think being a large agency would put a huge strain on MXM’s employee turnover rate. You might think a wave of digital agency acquisitions by Meredith Corporation would put even more strain on it while compromising their culture.

You’d be wrong.

MXM’s employee turnover rate has been cut in half.

MXM faced its internal and industry challenges head-on using a solid HR strategy that utilized the YouEarnedIt platform.

We needed something that could tie all of our unique perspectives together.

Steve Pope, Director of HR, MXM

Rather than scramble to stick multiple band-aid solutions on common workplace problems, MXM chose an approach that aims to engage its employees from day one on the job. This has paid off incredibly when it comes to their employee turnover rate and engagement stats.

We’ve talked in depth about steps the ad industry can take to retain top talent, but today we’d like to take a look at MXM’s specific challenges, detailed approach to employee engagement, and they’ve seen since implementing YouEarnedIt. You’ll find them published in a full case study available here:

MXM case study

Download here!


About YouEarnedIt:
YouEarnedIt is a SaaS HR technology platform that redefines the way companies engage with their employees. By providing tools to connect, reward, reveal and report in real-time, YouEarnedIt can consolidate employee engagement initiatives into one, easy-to-use mobile platform for teams of all sizes. Since launching in 2012, YouEarnedIt has delivered its flexible software to small enterprises and Fortune 500 brands across several industries. Visit youearnedit.com for more information or schedule a quick demo here.

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Skyler Rogers