Recently, we published a blog post detailing all of the changes that are coming with the improved design of the YouEarnedIt experience. Since late November, we’ve been running our new design in alpha and beta test phases to determine critical issues, discover bugs, collect feedback, and improve the quality of the new look.

We now have a more stable and complete beta, with several tweaks and changes, thanks to all of the invaluable feedback we’ve been receiving from our amazing customers who participated in the initial beta group. The response to the redesign has been overwhelmingly positive!

YouEarnedIt's New Design

A sample view of the top of the Activity Feed in the new design.

New design feedback

Check out what a few of our customers have been saying after participating in our early beta test. Again, many thanks to everyone who has been involved and provided feedback towards improving our platform! All of your help will ensure a smooth transition for the rest of the YouEarnedIt customers.

“Oh, that’s cool! I like that it’ll take me to the top and show the new post.”
“The new design is clean, efficient, easy to follow.”
“It’s really easy to see the difference between posts and redeemed rewards.”
“It looks fresh… now that I’ve been working in it I think it’s better on my eyes.”
“It looks more fun all around.”
—A few satisfied customers

Opening up the beta

Things have been going so smoothly, in fact, that we’ve decided to launch all new customers in the new design and open up the beta to all current customers as of January 3rd. If you’re a current customer who wants access on January 3rd, please reach out to your Customer Success representative and let us know to turn it on for you. If you’re not quite ready yet, no worries. We will be sending additional support material leading up to the launch to help you get prepared. Come February, we will be turning the new design on for all our clients!

We’ll remain in beta as we continue to improve the experience based on the continued feedback we receive from our customers and as we complete the redesign of the admin section of the site to match the new look and feel.

Looking forward to 2017

We’re extremely excited about these changes and looking forward to all the wonderful things we’ll be bringing to YouEarnedIt and to all our amazing customers in 2017. If you’ve read this, and you’re excited too, reach out and let us know. If you’re not a customer yet, request a demo.

Happy new design and happy new year!

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C.K. Sample III
C.K. Sample III
Chief Product Officer