What comes to mind when you think about the ideal employee experience?

Is it that you work with cool people and create friendships? Or, knowing that your contributions are appreciated? What about that feeling you get when you see your efforts making a difference?

You’re not alone if these things lead to your own definition of a great employee experience.

Then there are the drivers that vary from person to person. One employee may choose to develop leadership skills while another makes their physical and mental health a priority. The people that bring you our state-of-the-art employee experience platform are no exception. Every YouEarnedIt employee, like the millions of employees across the world, comes to work with a different set of expectations when it comes to the ideal employee experience.

Today, I’d like to re-introduce you to one of those people.

His name is Alex. He gets along famously with everyone that crosses his path. And, his expertise as a software developer makes a real difference day in and day out. You first met him on the home page of YouEarnedIt.com. That’s right, Alex is one of the many YouEarnedIt supermodels you see throughout our website. He’s also one of the many engineers that create and update the 1000’s of lines of code that make YouEarnedIt stand out from your run of the mill reward and recognition system.

Alex from YouEarnedIt Reward and Recognition System

Alex, like everyone within our organization, in my opinion, is extraordinary. I asked him to share what gets him excited about work. Here’s a short and sweet snapshot into the expansive mind of Alex.

Hey, Alex. Can you describe your job and how your work impacts customers?

Alex: I’m a web developer on one of the software engineering teams. A big project we worked on recently was overhauling the look and feel of YouEarnedIt so it was an easier and more flexible experience for customers. The people that administer YouEarnedIt for each client now have a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing experience everywhere they go on the platform.

So, YouEarnedIt offers employees options to pick and choose how they want to engage by way of “Behavior Bonuses.” The bonuses vary from things like volunteering on the weekend, referring a friend to join the company, or teaching something new during a Friday lunch and learn. What’s your favorite Behavior Bonus and why?

Alex: Stair climb! We have a behavior bonus where if you climb the stairs in the building, you earn points. But the more people you get to join you, the more points you earn. It’s a good way to catch up with coworkers who I normally don’t directly interact with during my day to day work.

What’s something you learned about a coworker during a recent stair climb?

Alex: Cameron from our sales team regularly joins in on the climb. Although we’re not necessarily on any projects together, it’s interesting to hear the types of companies he’s talking to on a regular basis. It’s also helpful to learn about prospective customers’ impressions of our software.

YouEarnedIt Reward and Recognition System Team Stair Climb Behavior Bonus

Alex’ Favorite YouEarnedIt Team Behavior Bonus

What are your favorite types of rewards for employees within YouEarnedIt’s reward and recognition system?

Alex: In general, “experience” rewards are my favorite. I think out of those; I’d have to go with “Team Nerf Battle” which is awesome because we pick a day to duke it out with Nerf blasters and you see how competitive everyone you work with really is.

Team Building Types of Rewards for Employees from YouEarnedIt

Employees Pool Reward Points for Team Experiences

Would you share your favorite recognition post from the past couple of weeks? Why did you choose that particular post?

Alex: This recognition from Jon came after we worked together to prioritize and update a few changes to our site. It’s always nice when someone you respect shows appreciation for the work you’ve done together, and in this case knowing it was the last of his points for the quarter made it that much more meaningful.

YouEarnedIt Recognition Post to Alex

Curious to see the video link Jon included in Alex’ recognition post? What a great way to show someone that they feel their pain!


About YouEarnedIt
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