Can your employee recognition and rewards program help you find new ways to improve work performance? They can if your company’s using the YouEarnedIt platform.

We recently visited our customer OnDeck (NYSE: ONDK), the largest online small business lender in the U.S., and were pleased to hear how they’ve found ways to improve work performance. See for yourself!


Listen closely, and you’ll hear how the analytics-driven company is translating YouEarnedIt’s reward, recognition, and tracking capabilities into ways to improve work performance.

For instance, could managers track the volume and sentiment of the recognition their employees are sending and receiving? You bet. According to OnDeck’s People Operations Generalist:

“We use YouEarnedIt in our performance acceleration conversations. It’s something we talk about in our manager training — we really utilize it for performance.”

Does it take an accomplished data scientist to make sense of the data coming out of YouEarnedIt? No way! As OnDeck’s SVP of People Operations told us:

“OnDeck is a very analytics-heavy company and culture. So for us to be able to take the data from YouEarnedIt and really understand what the stories are behind it is critical.”

Want to find your own ways to improve work performance?

To date, the YouEarnedIt platform has helped hundreds of companies find ways to improve work performance, boost employee engagement, unify company culture, and more. If you’d like someone on our team to walk through a personalized demo, feel free to give us a shout anytime.


About YouEarnedIt:
YouEarnedIt is a SaaS HR technology platform that redefines the way companies engage with their employees. By providing tools to connect, reward, reveal and report in real-time, YouEarnedIt can consolidate employee engagement initiatives into one, easy-to-use mobile platform for teams of all sizes. Since launching in 2012, YouEarnedIt has delivered its flexible software to small enterprises and Fortune 500 brands across several industries. Visit for more information or schedule a quick demo here.

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Skyler Rogers