Earlier this week someone asked me a question. She asked, “What is employee engagement?”

In my mind, it’s simple. But I acknowledge that the simplest people practices are often the hardest to put in place and sustain over time. It’s about putting happiness to work.

Many places lack the conviction or belief that employee happiness is enough to ensure increased productivity or to enhance employee retention. I can’t really blame them. As our industry has grown, somewhere along the line employee happiness has become synonymous with job satisfaction. The latter being only a small piece of the former.

At YEI, we believe that happiness is the foundation to which all other human capital considerations are built. In other words, engagement at work doesn’t lead to happiness. Happiness leads to engagement, and it is our job as leaders to promote and foster that sense of happiness, fulfillment, and wellness in our team members and cultures. Providing the right tools and practices in the workplace is a critical first step towards this. Reward points are not dealt out across the YouEarnedIt platform to achieve happiness. Happiness leads to employees wanting to reward others and build a culture that is fulfilling, productive, efficient, connected, and engaged.

We believe that happiness is viral, or as we say, courtesy is contagious. True employee happiness is a sustainable, holistic concept that includes aspects of work and life. It is a delicate balance, but that’s our mission at YouEarnedIt, to put happiness to work as the engine to a more engaged culture and a more effective workplace.