Since 1999, data solutions provider, Return Path, has been using its unique technology to navigate client brands through the sometimes phishy waters of the internet. By analyzing data, they show marketers how to connect with their audience, strengthen customer engagement and avoid fraud in the process.

Not only do they help the good guys in the world of email marketing, they help their employees be their absolute best. Out of 25 companies, Return Path ranked number 2 in Fortune Magazine’s Best Medium-Sized Companies to Work For in 2014. What makes Return Path such a standout enterprise? They make their employees a number one priority.  

“We put people first, a value which emanates from our CEO and has long-defined the company,” says Mark Frein, Chief Performance Office at Return Path.

Putting people first means making employees feel like they are part of a supportive community. For example, they encourage social connection between teammates, relying on team-building activities outside of work to garner strong employee relationships.  “We care about customers and shareholders,” Frein shares. “It’s because we have a set of highly engaged people feeling really good about their involvement in this ‘community’ that we believe the rest will come.”

Transparency within the organization contributes to this sense of community as well. Each quarter, employees get together with the Board of Directors to discuss what’s going well within the company and what initiatives could be improved. According to Frein, “Some people are almost shocked when they hear about the level of transparency at Return Path. The degree to which we ask to hold ourselves mutually accountable for our continuing growth and performance—I’ve never seen this in another organization.”

Holding each other mutually accountable, and inspiring high levels of transparency within the group unit, are but a couple reasons why Return Path utilizes YouEarnedIt’s peer-to-peer recognition and rewards programs as their employee engagement platform.

“The way in which YouEarnedIt lets the community recognize each other is incredibly compelling,” Frein states, “….where people really feel like they have each other’s backs, and when they do something great for each other, they have an easy way to recognize positive behaviors.”

For more ideas on how to create community within your company, check out the Return Path case study in our eBook titled “How the Cool Kids Attract and Retain Talent. It’s loaded with tips and other case studies from a variety of companies that get employee engagement right.


How The Cool Kids Attract & Retain Talent