Here at YouEarnedIt, Employee Appreciation Day is always circled on our calendars as a unique opportunity for recognition and reward ideas.

In the past, we’ve used our data to highlight 5 traits that deserve recognition and reflect on how to make every day Employee Appreciation Day. This year, we’re showcasing three easy ideas that you can put to good use for Employee Appreciation Day.

1. Inspire recognition with an email template

Breaking News: People are busy!

It’s unfair to drop a reminder about Employee Appreciation Day in management’s lap and hope they respond with something heartfelt, so why not help them?

Try sending the example email template below to admins and managers in your organization to get Employee Appreciation Day on their radars and inspire them to send meaningful messages to other employees. Remember, this is just a template, so it can be personalized however you like:

Hi there!

Friday, March 1, is Employee Appreciation Day! Knowing this, we wanted to send you a short note to say thank you for all of the hard work you do for our company. We truly wouldn’t be where we are as an organization without you.

We also encourage you use this day as a chance to share your appreciation for your team and celebrate the hard work they do, too.

From our team to yours, Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

2. Launch an alert in the YouEarnedIt platform

If YouEarnedIt is already the hub for employee recognition at your company, it makes sense to set up an alert in the platform about Employee Appreciation Day.

When you launch an alert, it will appear at the top of the activity feed the next time employees log in. Try launching one as an easy way to create more awareness of Employee Appreciation Day:

YouEarnedIt Employee Appreciation Day Reminder

To launch an alert: Log into your admin account on YouEarnedIt and click Admin > Alerts > Create New Alert

3. Update your strategic employee rewards programs

In the true spirit of making every day Employee Appreciation Day, one of the best possible recognition and reward ideas we’ve seen is to use the occasion to launch strategic employee rewards programs.

Employee Appreciation Day is sometimes chosen as “launch” day for YouEarnedIt customers. Of course, this takes more coordination to pull off, but unveiling a new initiative for recognizing and rewarding employees puts an incredible flourish on Employee Appreciation Day.

Are you already a YouEarnedIt customer? Use the run-up to Employee Appreciation day as an excuse to update the custom rewards in your catalog, add unique Behavior Bonuses, or gather feedback about possible Employee Appreciation Day activities via Surveys. Our Customer Success team has plenty of ideas and resources to help out if needed.

Otherwise, if you have Employee Appreciation Day circled on your calendar and you’d like YouEarnedIt to walk you through more recognition and reward ideas for your company, be sure to let us know.