Before you read any further, go give someone in your HR department a hug. It’s ok, we’ll wait.

Are you back with us? Good. Seriously, they deserved that — today’s HR departments are facing greater demands than ever. In addition to riding an avalanche of new research and technology options being thrown their way, they’re constantly tasked with finding things like:

  • Employee recognition solutions people will actually use
  • Ways to save money (and time) on effective employee rewards
  • Programs for boosting engagement across the company

You might say this sounds like more of a job for a miracle worker than a HR department, but the amazing team at Return Path, the world’s leading email data solutions provider (and users of YouEarnedIt), is managing to cross all of this and more off their list.

We caught up with them in their New York office to find out how:


The common thread throughout Return Path’s success is their unique use of YouEarnedIt to streamline many HR efforts onto one powerful platform. These quotes from the video speak to the platform’s success.

On finding effective employee recognition: “Doing your day-to-day job is what your paycheck is for, but having a function like YouEarnedIt allows us to really recognize people who go above and beyond that.”

On saving time managing employee rewards: “It used to take hours of manual work in Excel to come up with quarterly metrics. With YouEarnedIt, just the press of a button and you have a great report.”

On cutting their employee rewards budget: “We actually spend less now on employee rewards and recognition now that we have a centralized platform.”

On the effects of better employee engagement across the company: “We’ve seen our Glassdoor ratings go up quite a bit over the last year. We believe the single biggest driver of that is improved employee engagement.”

As Return Path founder and CEO Matt Blumberg notes in the video, their efforts with YouEarnedIt are all about helping make the company transparent, authentic, and a great place to work.

Those efforts are also paying off on the recruiting and retention fronts, as we documented in our free eBook, “How the Cool Kids Attract and Retain Talent

How The Cool Kids Attract & Retain Talent


About YouEarnedIt:
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