What’s the #1 challenge for execs at healthcare companies?


If you think about it, the top-of-mind issues for execs in the technology industry boil down to creating an exceptional experience for their employees.

Whether you run a bootstrapped startup or a Fortune 500 SaaS company, you’re facing the same challenge — create an amazing employee experience, or else.

As a leader, that or else is what keeps you up at night…

… or else our top people will get poached.

… or else we’ll lose the war for exceptional engineers.

… or else we’re about to burn tons of cash on turnover.

Here’s the bottom line: Research shows that if your company isn’t focused on employee engagement, it’s hurting all over.

Disengaged employees cost you enormously

Teams with low engagement see:

  • 65% more turnover
  • 50% higher costs for healthcare
  • 37% more absenteeism
  • 21% less productivity

Now flip that around. Companies with engaged teams are 22% more profitable and have 10% higher customer satisfaction ratings..

A CEO would want YouEarnedIt because without a lot of extra effort, it engenders teamwork, collaboration, and connections between employees.
Sam Decker, Board Member & Executive, Spredfast

But hey, don’t take it from us

Technology companies of all sizes are using YouEarnedIt to boost employee engagement today. Their results speak for themselves:

Return Path — Return Path, the world’s largest email and data solutions provider, streamlined their rewards and recognition efforts with the YouEarnedIt platform. Today, engagement scores are up and they’re saving time and money. Hear from their CEO in this video:


Rockfish — Rockfish Digital underwent an independent, two-year study while using YouEarnedIt. The results? Performance ratings went up company-wide, while turnover plummeted 29%. See the published results of the study.

Bazaarvoice — Bazaarvoice (NASDAQ: BV) sought to redefine recognition and rewards while boosting employee wellness. After one year, three-fourths of all employees were actively sending recognition, and wellness participation skyrocketed to 70%. You can read more in their case study here:
Bazaarvoice Case Study - A Model Company For Total Employee Engagement And Wellness

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Skyler Rogers